Your Quick and Dirty Guide to Stan’s New Reality Dating Show Love Triangle

Your Quick and Dirty Guide to Stan’s New Reality Dating Show Love Triangle

The reality dating show space is about to get a little more crowded with the announcement of a spicy new series: Stan’s Love Triangle.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the latest in the reality TV department, you may have heard that Stan is bringing a new series to tellies, one that has been created by the producers of Married at First Sight (so you can expect some chaotic energy here).

For those eager for some trashy, drama-filled watching, here’s everything we know about Love Triangle so far.

What’s Love Triangle about?

So, by the name alone, one can assume this show is going to be a fiery one. But we don’t have all that much confirmed information about the show’s premise just yet.

From Stan’s description of Love Triangle, we know that the series is based around blind dates and rushing through the dating process to see potential matches in ‘real life’ settings.

The synopsis reads as follows:

Love Triangle challenges a group of singles to relinquish their grasp on what they think their perfect partner should look like, and instead choose someone, sight unseen, based on a deeper connection.

They will be able to text and call their potential matches as they get to know each other, but they, along with the audience, won’t discover what the other looks like until they make their choice, and go on their first blind date. Everything hangs on this decision – will they like what they see when they first meet? And if they don’t, can they overcome a lack of attraction to form a genuine connection?

It’s after these first dates that things will really fire up when the newly formed couples move in together for a highly unpredictable and explosive relationship journey filled with love, heartbreak and a mind-blowing twist that will rock the couples to their core.

There’s always gotta be a twist, right? Looks like Love Triangle is set to give us a lot to talk about.

Who are the contestants on the series?

Love Triangle
(L-R: Meet the Love Triangle singles: Kyle, Lisa, Yannick, Madi, Alex and Ly) Image supplied.

Get excited because Love Triangle‘s main line up has officially been introduced. Stan has shared the below bios so we can become better acquainted with these singles.

Kyle – QLD, 30, Electrician

A down-to-earth tradie from Townsville working in his family business, Kyle was in a long-term relationship throughout his 20s while his mates partied, so he’s no stranger to the tools that make a relationship tick.

Now 30 and single, the tables have turned in his social circle. Kyle’s friends have mostly settled down and he feels left behind. While his dry humour isn’t for everyone, finding a partner that understands him and his quirks will be the recipe for relationship success for Kyle.

Lisa – WA, 32, Accounts Payable

Single for ten years, Lisa’s last serious relationship ended when she was 23. Lisa doesn’t have time to waste on people who do not share the same relationship goals as her – children and marriage.

Forthright, funny, and honest, Lisa has a love-hate relationship with modern dating. She’s picky and prefers to meet in person. She also seeks a partner who shares her values and is a good communicator – and a strong sex drive is also a must!

Yannick – NSW, 32, Sports Lawyer

Yannick is charming, ambitious and confident. Born in Australia with a Sri Lankan, Portuguese and French background, ‘Yan’ describes himself as a ‘walking Tinder’, having no difficulty meeting girls, and as such is not on any dating apps.

Well-travelled and focused on his work in sports management, Yan is extremely close with his family, and is looking for something serious after being single for the past year.

Madi – VIC, 30, Events Manager

Madi is vibrant, outgoing, and has big energy – but she’s sick and tired of being the life of the party who goes home alone. Having focused on her career, Madi finds herself extremely busy with work, leaving little time for dating.

Charming and loveable, Madi knows how to make friends – but has remained unlucky in love. Having hit and miss experiences on dating apps has left Madi with her walls up and she knows it will be a struggle for her – and a new romantic partner – to bring them down.

Alex – VIC, 31, Technology Specialist

With ‘McSteamy’ good looks, Alex is single for the first time in ten years after his first marriage broke down. Looking to find love again, Alex finds the new world of modern dating confronting.

He’s a Mr Nice Guy – and Alex knows how to be in a relationship. A sensitive gentleman, he longs for a partner to again share the small things in life with. Alex wants to enjoy the courting stage; he wants to get it right and not jeopardise finding ‘The One’, and wants his next relationship to be his last.

Ly – VIC, 28, Counsellor

Australian-born Vietnamese, Ly is a funny, petite, playful pocket rocket – a ray of sunshine! The youngest of five girls, Ly finds it tough to juggle her family’s traditional values with the world of modern dating she finds herself in.

Spending her days as a counsellor listening to others’ relationship problems, Ly wants someone to come home to and share her days with – a partner who is also her best friend. Usually dating Asian guys, Ly is open to the process of being paired with someone new – but she knows it will be a challenge to step outside of her comfort zone.

Can I see a trailer for Love Triangle?

Stan first released an official teaser for Love Triangle, which doesn’t show much – but you know, it’s something.

This has since been followed up with the show’s first official trailer, showing the cast members attempting to find love – without seeing their potential partners’ faces.

When and where can I watch Love Triangle?

If you’re convinced Love Triangle is your kind of wild ride, you can catch the reality dating series on Stan. The show will drop two episodes on October 6, with new episodes releasing every Thursday.

There will be eight episodes in total to smash through.

While we wait for Love Triangle’s arrival, here’s a list of reality dating shows that actually teach you a little something about love.

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