The Safest and Quickest Way to Remove Frost From Your Car’s Windscreen

The Safest and Quickest Way to Remove Frost From Your Car’s Windscreen

With temperatures dropping below zero in many parts of Australia, it’s time to learn how to safely remove frost from your car’s windscreen. Driving with a frosted windscreen is very dangerous, but attempting to remove the frost incorrectly can also be extremely risky. Read on to learn how to de-frost your windscreen quickly and safely.

Firstly, start up your car. The engine’s warmth and your car’s heater will get the de-frosting process started. Your car will also be toasty for your trip.

Head back inside and fill a bottle or jug with tepid water and pour it slowly across the frost on your windscreen. You can use the car’s windscreen wipers to help this process along. Do not use hot or boiling water to remove the ice — this could crack or damage your windscreen.

If the frost is really stuck on you might need to use something to scrape it off manually. You can use a credit card, but be careful not to damage the chip otherwise you might end up with a broken card. A spatula is a better option.

Never use a metal scraper on your windscreen — it will likely damage the glass.

Before you head off, ensure that your windscreen is entirely clear. Do not drive if the frost has not fully cleared yet. Better to be a little late to your destination rather than have an accident on the way due to low visibility.

There’s not heaps you can do to prevent frosted windscreens. Some people recommend rubbing a potato on your windscreen. Apparently the sugars in potatoes prevent water and ice from adhering, keeping your windscreen frost-free. Others also recommend spraying vinegar on your car’s windows.

If you do find yourself with a frosted windscreen, don’t be tempted to pour boiling water over it or scrape it with your metal scraper. You now know how to safely remove frost from your windscreen. You’ll be on the road in no time.


  • Fill a bottle or jug with tepid water FIRST!

    Do NOT leave your car unattended with the keys in the ignition. This is how many cars are stolen, especially in the ACT. Thieves drive around suburbs in the mornings and while people are inside, they rush over and take the car.

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