Spray Your Windscreen With Vinegar To Avoid Frost

Losing time every morning scraping frost off your windscreen? Avoid the hassle by spraying your windshield with a solution of vinegar and water before going to bed.

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I have a dog I must take out before bedtime so it's easy for me to also bring the spray bottle and give the windscreen a blast before bringing the dog back in. Educational weblog InfoBarrel points out that even if you forget to spray your windscreen the night before, the vinegar spray will begin to dissolve frost upon contact. Remember to never pour boiling water on your windscreen as the thermal shock from the change in temperatures might result in cracks in the glass.

How to prevent an icy windshield this winter with vinegar [InfoBarrel via Reddit]


    I've always done this and I've never has frosty windows in Townsville.

      Didn't realise Townsville got that cold..? :)

    Reeks of effort! When I'm heading out in the morning, I take a 5 liter watering can out with me, start the car and while the car is warming up I pour the water over the windows, works every time, the vinegar option doesn't work to well if it rains during the night. Which happens quite a bit here in Tassie, nothing like a shower of rain during the night and walking out to a car covered in ice and frost. Mind you its still better than dealing with the heat of the tropics.

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      If it rains during the night your usually pretty unlikely to have frost on your car. Also, carrying a 5L watering can reeks of much more effort.

        In Launceston in winter it is not unusual to have rain during the night and wake to a clear morning with -2 or -3 with a nice layer of frost and ice on the car, and as a for carrying a watering can, well it helps my Laundry is right next to my driveway, so 2 steps outside the door, and I'm watering the car! :-)

          Ah I think I misread the first comment, If it showers not just rains all night, my bad.

    Just be careful, your windscreen may chip

    I have 2 fixes that don't require doing anything daily to make sure you get no frost.

    1) Park your car in a garage away from the elements.


    2) Get a Motorcycle. No Windshield, No Frost, No Problems.

      Awesome suggestions dude. Would this conversation be happening with people who had access to a garage? And buy a motorcycle? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

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