We’ve All Been Reheating Food in the Microwave Wrong

We’ve All Been Reheating Food in the Microwave Wrong

Look, if TikTok has taught us anything over the past few years, it’s life hacks that we should’ve known about sooner. Case in point – this viral video that showed us how to correctly heat something in a microwave.

Sure, some may look at this video and say, “you idiots, I already knew this”. But for those who weren’t taught the proper way things should be reheated in the microwave, this hack is for you.

How to reheat things in the microwave, according to TikTok

Let’s start with the problem at hand. You want to reheat some leftovers, you zap them in the microwave for a minute and you find some of it is steaming with heat while the middle is still cold. Why?

The answer is all in the placement of the dish in the microwave apparently.

Allow TikTok user @onlyjayus to take you through it.


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The secret here is that your food should be placed on the edge of the microwave plate so that it actually rotates and cooks. Providing more rotation should allow more parts of the dish to receive heat and thus cook more thoroughly.

So simple, yet so smart.

You may scoff, but the video has gone viral on TikTok with nearly 7.1M views at the time of writing, so clearly, a few people needed to know this.

Naturally, there are a few flaws in this plan, such as what to do if your dish is too large to place on the edge. This question hasn’t been answered but just do your best, I guess?

If you’re not sold on this life-changing microwave hack, I recommend trying it and see. You might surprise yourself. I know I was when I microwaved the tea I just forgot about, and it came out perfectly.

If you need some recipes for easy meals to make in your microwave we’ve got some tips on mashed potato, eggs, and even bacon.


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