Here’s What You Get With a $10 Catch Mobile Plan

Here’s What You Get With a $10 Catch Mobile Plan
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Catch is best known for its never-ending daily deals, but the Aussie online retailer also offers affordable plans powered by the Optus mobile network.

Given Catch’s value-driven legacy, you’d expect its mobile plan to be pretty affordable, and you’re not wrong. Plans start at $10 for a 30-day recharge with 4GB, but the $15 recharge with 18GB is a much better deal.

For comparison, here’s a look at what $15 will get you on other telcos:

iiNet has the standout offer at the price point, offering 40GB for $15 per month. This pricing only lasts for your first six months, however, after which you’ll pay $29.99 per month. The plan is contract-free. iiNet is powered by the Vodafone network.

Kogan Mobile charges $15 per month for 10GB, although you can currently get your first month for $2. This plan does require you to commit to a 12-month contract. Kogan is also powered by the Vodafone network.

Dodo is also worth considering a $16 per month for a 20GB plan. This pricing lasts for your first year, after which you’ll pay $20 per month. Dodo is powered by the Optus network, and its plans are contract-free.

In addition to its 30-day recharges, Catch has a range of long expiry plans:

These start at $29 for a 90-day recharge with 20GB. That works out to be the equivalent of paying under $10 per month for 6.7GB. The real value comes in the more expensive plans.

New customers can currently score 120GB for $120 with a year-long expiry. That’s the equivalent of paying $10 per month for 10GB. Or if you need more data, you can get 200GB for $200 – the equivalent of $16.67 per month to get 16.67GB. That does however work out to be slightly worse value than Catch’s standard $15 recharge.

While long-expiry plans do require you to pay for the entire period upfront, you don’t need to think about your phone bill for an entire year. You’re also given the data in one lump sum, rather than rationed out month to month.

Catch mobile plans don’t include international calls, but you can purchase 100 standard international minutes and unlimited standard text as a $5 add-on. This add-on will last for 30 days, and acts independently of your primary plan.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.

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