Is There An Affordable Ergonomic Chair Out There?

There are plenty of ergonomic, comfortable chairs that cost an arm and a leg (such as the Aeron), but not everybody can afford a great seat. Whether it's another chair, a standing desk, or an exercise ball, how do you work every day in comfort without succumbing to poor posture or breaking the bank? We want to know.

My usual strategy for buying office chairs has been Officeworks, who have a reasonable range that you can test out before buying. But there are bound to be other good options. What works for you?


    I generally find that going to second hand or ex government furniture places is the go.
    Have picked up very well built, comfy chairs for under $100.

    Do recommend.

      But they have someone elses butt groove already imprinted in the seat.

        Some of the time I guess that can be true. But generally they have nice big executive chairs for cheap. Big and comfy, that's what I love about it. Generally the chairs have better build quality as well.

    Oh man please some one mention something good, I have had way too much trouble getting $100+ chairs from office works then they break, my record is 1 month, then having to cart it back there to pick another horribly overprice chair from china.

    I've got one of those Aeron chairs at work! It's a fantastic chair, although the mesh does wear away the belt loops on my pants. :/

    Thomas -- what the hell are you doing on that chair?

      I know it sounds like I am thrashing it and spinning around like a maniac, but really all I am doing is sitting at my desk, that's why I am so disappointed with their chairs.

        Also, I am like 85kg, like 180cm. Nothing overly bearing for a $100+ chair

          Your supposed to tighten the screws and bolts in a clockwise direction, will work better that way :)

    Dan - I cant speak for anyone else, but I'm 187cm tall adn weigh in at around 100-108kgs, I think most chairs are created to take 100kgs maximum, some probably less... most chairs I have dont last that long either... esp cheap ones..

    what i dont get is how people can spend so much on cars and other items which dont even get that much usuage compared to an office chair. I can spend anywhere up to 50 - 60 hours a week in mine. A good office chair, can last well over 10 years with some care. Spread the costs over that time, and you got a chair thats actually quite good value. This figure doesnt even start to account for all the other benefits such as comfort etc. This purchase is like a mattress. Spend well, and enjoy the benefits over a longer period of time.

      I think most of us don't get a choice in office chairs... we just get given what the company's willing to offer and I suspect that if I did buy my own chair and bring it in, some opportunist might try and swipe it... seriously... they could hide it in their office and I'd never know

        This is 100% my approach, too. I've had my chair swiped even when it was provided by the company, so I'll never fork out for one myself, I know it'll go AWOL.

    This was my most recent investment - most comfortable I could find on the floor at my local office works. Wasn't the most expensive by a long shot either. Very well built and only took 10 minutes to assemble.

    I've given up buying expensive chairs. The seem to do little for my posture, and break just as quickly as cheap ones.

    you cannot go past the MilanDirect (Kogan) ergonomic chairs from $89.00. I have had many chairs from officeworks, and they have all failed over time sooner than expected.

      Thanks! this looks great!

    What about all those 'sitting is killing you' posts I have been reading for the past 12 months? I have spend thousands on fixed leg braces so that I no longer sit based on your tips, and then you post THIS!? WTF am I supposed to do with this rig now I find out you have been OK with sitting all along? Man, I'd storm away from my computer in anger right now if it didn't take me 10 minutes to loosen the restraints...

      Run, Forrest, run...


        Ha ha, so funny, picking on a fictional retarded boy, SHAME!! SHAAAAME!!

    I have a Herman Miller Mirra at work (they were the standard chair in our building) and I love it!

    Definitely not a cheap chair though (~$600).

      That looks like a great chair.

    I'm a bit fan of my Schiavello Piuma, but yeah, not so cheap at around $550 (if I remember correctly):

    My Aeron is simply superb. I've gone through enough cheap chairs to have bought at least two of them. I'm not going back, and I don't have to -- the chair is under warranty for another eleven years.

    Saw this thread a bit late, but in case it's any use:
    Not fully ergonomic (can't adjust back support and armrests) but it's comfy and looks the part !
    And its cheap... $80 incl. delivery.

    By far the most comfortable, supportive & adjustable chair on the market.

    I've had mine for 5 years now and it's still as good as day 1. Highly recommended.

    I think it is very possible to find a chair that keeps your body in good posture and is still affordable for people who do not want to spend their lifetime's saving on a chair. What is important when looking for such a chair is to make your priorities clear. For me, it is the back support and back height adjustment to get the supporting to fit perfectly with the curvature of your spine. Most of cheap seats are unfortunately limited to the seat height adjustment. One chair that could work for people on budget is Alera Elusion. It is labeled as the best chair under $200:
    Now, nobody can say it is as good as Aeron (though someone did call it poor man's Aeron) but it will do the job and is worth considering if it is available.

    I think you can find one at ACE Office, All chair are in a reasonable price and many of them are ergonomically designed.

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