Move Aside Sunset Lamps, This Heng Balance Lamp Is Ready To Shine

Move Aside Sunset Lamps, This Heng Balance Lamp Is Ready To Shine
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Move over moon lamps and sunset lamps, it’s time for a new signature piece to shine. If you’re in favour of a modern, minimalist aesthetic for your bedroom or living room, then the perfect addition to your home would be a heng balance lamp.

A heng lamp is a fun, interactive lighting option that provides a soft and warm glow to any room. It was innovated by Guangdong designer, Zanwen Li and heavily resembles a Dyson bladeless fan. His design has inspired a chain of similar products that mirror its unique on and off switch.

Unlike most lamps, a heng balance lamp’s light is controlled by two magnetic balls. When the orbs meet halfway in the centre of its frame, the lamp’s light will automatically turn on. Gently separating the two balls will turn the lamp off.

Here’s everything you need to know about this unique and contemporary magnetic lamp, along with where you can get one of your own.

What is a heng balance lamp and how does it work?

Heng lamp off vs on
This is what a heng lamp looks like off vs on. Image: LONRISWAY

The word “heng”means “balance” in Chinese, and refers to the way the two orbs are suspended in equilibrium mid-air.

Creating this magnetic lamp was a challenge that Zanwen Li took on to find a novel way at revitalising the simple light switch. The result was this functional but contemporary-looking lamp that can match a variety of aesthetics.

Heng balance lamps are traditionally made from wood and feature two magnetic balls. One ball is always connected by a string to the top and perpetually hangs downward, while the other ball’s string ties it to the bottom.

So how does it work? Both orbs are magnetically attracted to each other and when they meet in the middle, the lamp will switch on. If you separate the balls by guiding the lower orb to the bottom of the frame, the light will turn off. Inside the frame is an internal switch that is pulled when the bottom string pulls as the two balls meet.

Where can I get one?

The traditional heng lamp resembles a Dyson fan
Image: Allocacoc

You might be surprised to hear that these balance lamps are actually quite affordable. This one is in the shape of a crescent moon and is currently available here for 15% off, bringing it all the way down to $48.30 (RRP $69.90) which is a solid price, as far as lamps go.

If you’d prefer something closer to the original design (which is uncannily like a Dyson fan), then you can grab one from Etsy here.

Regardless of which style you grab, your new balance lamp is sure to become a conversation starter or guaranteed talking point the next time you have guests over.

Shop the LONRISWAY heng balance lamp here at Amazon Australia.

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