These 6 Rainbow Lamps Are the Ultimate Bad-Vibe Antidote

These 6 Rainbow Lamps Are the Ultimate Bad-Vibe Antidote
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Step aside sunset lamps; there’s a new sheriff in town. If you’ve scrolled through TikTok recently, you’ve probably seen a rainbow lamp or two pop up in a creator’s home studio, bedroom or living room. Similarly to the deep-orange hued sunset lamp, the rainbow light projector lamp casts a brilliant, exuberant array of colours ranging from dazzling violets to powerful blues.

They do give off an early-00s-Disney-movie-set-in-space vibe — which is the kind of escapism and nostalgia we’re all clinging to for a little bit of hope right now (sorry to be cynical). While the sunset lamp is perfect for making every hour feel like golden hour, the rainbow lamp (with a tiny bit of imagination) could make every mundane household task feel like a celestial adventure. Sounds fun, right?

If you’ve already become accustomed to a galaxy projector or are yet to take the plunge into quirky lighting, a rainbow lamp could be the switch-up you’ve needed to brighten up your space even further.

Find a rainbow lamp you love here:

1. Room Decor (Rainbow) – $16.48

This is one of the most stock standard and reliably-rated rainbow lamps on Amazon. It’s perfect for creating a romantic and ambient atmosphere and works as a backdrop for photography projects, videos and even the casual selfie.

Buy the Room Decor (Rainbow) lamp for $16.48 from Amazon here.

2. PANLAVIE Rainbow Light – $23.59

Panlavie’s rainbow light projector lamp has a day and night switch, which will change the intensity of the light emitted. It’s recommended to cast this lamp onto ornaments and furniture for an extra-special dazzle.

Buy the PANLAVIE Rainbow Light for $23.59 from Amazon here.

3. Sixology Sunset Table Lamp – $24.50

Sixology offers a slightly more advanced rainbow lamp. This lamp’s head can be rotated up to 180 degrees, emitting different light shapes depending on which angle it’s held at.

Buy the Sixology Sunset Table Lamp for $24.50 from Amazon here.

4. XiuLing Room Sunset Light Projector – $23.95

rainbow light projector lamp

This rainbow light projector comes packed with 16 colours, and 4 dimmable RGB LED modes, which will spice things up if you suddenly find yourself getting bored of neon green flashing through your living room.

Buy the XiuLing Room Sunset Light Projector for $23.95 from Amazon here.

5. UCIN Neon Lights Rainbow Projector – $21.99

If you want a literal rainbow, like, you want that curved stripe we see in the sky, try this projector. There are three different modes for three different looking rainbows, plus you’ll get a bonus of three metal feathers in case you want to use your new lamp for a photoshoot, because why not?

Buy the UCIN Neon Lights Rainbow Projector for $21.99 from Amazon here.

6. Sunlight Lamp LED – $35.99

If you can’t decide between claiming sunsets and happy rainbows, then don’t. This projector lets you pick from a range of colours from your mobile — from burnt oranges to bright rainbow vibes. What more could you want?

Buy the Sunlight Lamp LED for $35.99 from Amazon here.

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