The Best Showbags at the Sydney Royal Easter Show This Year

The Best Showbags at the Sydney Royal Easter Show This Year
Credit: Easter Showbags website

The Easter Show is coming up in Sydney and for many, it’s the perfect way to spend the Easter long weekend. It’s also synonymous with the word ‘showbag’. The Easter show has a massive lineup up of merch bags this year and thanks to many showbags also being available online, you don’t even have to attend the show to nab one.

You can check out the full lineup of showbags or if you’re looking for the best bags from the Easter show to add your wish list this year, here are some of the highlights.

Best Easter Showbags 2022

Game of Thrones

top showbags 2022 game of thrones

The TV show may be over but the Game of Thrones showbag is still very much alive at this year’s Easter show.

Price: $30

Includes: Game of Thrones A5 Notebook, Backpack, Banner, Coasters, Lanyard, Mousepad, Tote Bag, Travel Mug.

Cadbury Caramilk Mega

caramilk showbag easter show

Caramilk is still very much the flavour of the moment and you can indulge in plenty of it at the Easter show with this dedicated showbag.

Price: $20

Includes: 2 x 180g Cadbury Caramilk, 1 x 110g Twirl Caramilk Bites, 1 x 39g Twirl Caramilk, 1x 45g Caramilk Bar, 4x 12g Caramilk, 6 x 12g Bite Size Dairy Milk


showbags easter show 2022

Friends made a comeback with the reunion special last year and they’re also making a comeback at the Easter show thanks to this showbag.

Price: $30

Includes: Friends Cosmetic Case, Decals, Drink Bottle, Greeting Cards, Hand Bag, Tote Bag, Puzzle, Socks, To Do List.

Cadbury 100 Years Showbag

cadbry showbag 2022 easter show

Cadbury is celebrating its 100 year anniversary with a special showbag. Unfortunately, it does not include 100 things but it does have a whole lot of chocolate.

Price: $25

Includes: 2x 180g Dairy Milk, 150g Dairy Milk, 2x 12g Dairy Milk Freddo, 2 x 21.5g Curly Wurly, 2x 12g Bite Size Dairy Milk, 2x 15g Bite Size Cherry Ripe, 2 x 15g Bite Size Crunchie, 2 x 12g Bite Size Caramilk, 2 x 15g Bite Size Boost, Cadbury Tote Bag, Stainless Steel Drink Bottle.


best showbags easter show 2022

Both adult and children fans of Bluey will love the latest showbag featuring everyone’s favourite dog family.

Price: $30

Includes: Bluey Backpack, Bucket Hat, Drink Bottle, Activity Set, Height Chart, Memory Cards, Puzzle, Tote Bag.

The Conscious Store

the conscious showbag easter show 2022
Image: Showbag Shop

Showbags are great but there sure is a lot of waste involved. The Conscious showbag is full of consciously created ec0-friendly products from The Conscious Store you can use in your everyday life.

Price: $30

Includes: TCS Organic Canvas Shopping Tote, Bamboo Lunch Box with Elastic Strap, 2x Bamboo Toothbrush, Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Lid, TCS Online Voucher (get 15% off), The Iconic 30% off Online Voucher, Canvas Bulk Food Bags (x2) or Reusable Silicone Food Covers (Choice of 1).

American Candy

The Best Showbags at the Sydney Royal Easter Show This Year

Ever wanted to eat all that famous candy from America without actually going there? This showbag is the answer to your prayers.

Price: $20

Includes: 141g Mike & Ike Mega Sour Mix, 141g Mike & Ike Mega Mix, 85g Nerd Gummy Clusters, 99g Swedish Fish Assorted, 141g Runts, 141g Bottle Caps, 42g Reese’s PnB 2 Cup, 43g Hershey’s Cookies N Creme.

Bertie Beetle

bertie beetle
Image: Showbag Shop

Bertie Beetle’s are synonymous with showbags and thankfully there’s quite a few of them at this year’s Easter show. The best would have to be the Bertie Beetle Diamond Deal which gets you 40 individual Beetles!

Price: $15

Includes: 40 x 10g Bertie Beetle

Tim Tam

tim tam showbag easter
Image: Chicane Showbags

As Australians, we are contractually obliged to be a big fan of Tim Tams and the best of the biscuit (as well as slippers!) comes in this showbag at the Easter show.

Price: $18

Includes: 2x 200g Arnott’s Tim Tam Original, 200g Tim Tam Double Coat, 200g Tim Tam Slams Murray River Salted Caramel, 200g Tim Tam Dark, Arnott’s Tim Tam Slippers or Mug Set (Choice of 1).

The BIG Kit Kat

kit kat showbag easter show 2022
Image: Showbag Shop

If you’re a fan of Kit Kats and Kit Kats is all you want, then The BIG Kit Kat is for you. The showbag has nothing but Kit Kat bars – and a lot of them.

Price: $20

Includes: 50 x 17g Mini Kit Kat.

That’s our picks for the best showbags at this year’s Easter Show. Make sure to make your list before heading to the show or fill up your shopping cart online and avoid the crowds by having your bags shipped direct to your door.

For more information on this year’s Sydney Easter Show, we’ve created a guide for you.

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