Nestle’s New Bites Range Will Make Rolo Fans Happy

Nestle’s New Bites Range Will Make Rolo Fans Happy
Image: Nestle (Supplied)

If your New Year’s resolution doesn’t involve giving up the sweet stuff then I have some good news for you. Nestle has launched three new products in its popular Bites range including a spin on one of its most underappreciated chocolates – Rolo.

That’s right Rolo fans (I know you’re out there), Rolo Bites are now a thing along with two new flavours from confectionary wizards Allen’s.

Head of Marketing at Nestle, Joyce Tan, said in a statement that Australians were sure to fall in love with the new range of treats:

“The Bites range has become a go-to treat in Aussie households. We’re thrilled to bring these three new flavours to life. Whether you’re entertaining friends, going to the movies, or having a night in, it’s sure to be love at first bite!”

Hitting shelves this week we have the aforementioned Rolo Bites. For those unfamiliar with the cult favourite, Rolo bites consist of runny, gooey caramel inside a mini cup of creamy milk chocolate. Think of them like Cadbury Dairy Milk Rolls with extra caramel.

For reference, Rolo bite-sized snacks have existed for some time in overseas markets so you might’ve come across them once or twice in an international sweet shop, but now we Aussies have easy access to them!

Allen’s is adding a dark chocolate option to its range of bites with the new Mini Dark Chocolate Raspberries. The classic raspberry flavoured lollies are coated in dark choccy.

Finally, there’s also Allen’s Bites Chocolate Coconut Rough which is inspired by the famous Golden Rough. Coconut Rough Bites are made up of roasted coconut pieces covered in smooth milk chocolate.

The three new products join the existing lineup of Nestle Bites products such as Chokito Bites, Milky Bar Cookie Bites and Chocolate Black Cats.

Aussies will be able to find them in supermarkets nationwide starting this week for just $4.50 a pack.

If your New Year’s diet wasn’t already in trouble it will be after these treats hit the shelves.

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