Allen’s New Lolly Range Includes a Blackberry Llama That’s Way Tastier Than It Sounds

Allen’s New Lolly Range Includes a Blackberry Llama That’s Way Tastier Than It Sounds
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Allen’s is celebrating its 130th birthday this year (a lockdown birthday, no less). And as a part of the festivities, the confectionary brand has announced it is releasing two new ranges of party-inspired Allen’s lollies.

The new additions to the lolly fam are Allen’s Party Faves and Allen’s Piñata Party. Considering its classic Party Mix of lollies are listed as one of Australia’s favourites, it can be assumed that these babies are likely to be met with a lot of love when they drop.

What can you expect from Allen’s new party lollies?

Allen’s shared in a statement that its Party Faves pack is based around the kinds of treats you’re likely to find at a nostalgic birthday party. Flavours include “chocolate cupcake, strawberry fairy floss and green apple icy pole”.

The Piñata Party, on the other hand, is a pack filled with fruity piñata animals. In here, you’ll find lollies like the “blackberry llama, strawberry flamingo and lemon dinosaur”.

Are they worth your time?

We were lucky enough to give these babies a test run and can say that while some flavours aren’t our favourite (green apple icy pole), the range is overwhelmingly delish.

The chocolate cupcake, blackberry llama and the grape bubble-gum present are standouts that have not lasted long since the packets were opened.

There’s a real nostalgia to a lot of these flavours that will bring back memories of primary school birthday parties as soon as you pop them in your mouth. It’s a good time – almost as tasty as the classic Allen’s Party Mix.

Where can you get these Allen’s lollies?

Allen’s Party Faves and Piñata Party (RRP $2.95 for both) lollies will be available in Coles supermarkets from September 1, 2021. Party Faves will drop in independent stores on September 8 and will arrive at Woolworths stores on September 20, 2021.

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