From KFC to Maccas, Here’s How COVID Is Impacting Your Favourite Fast Food Joints

From KFC to Maccas, Here’s How COVID Is Impacting Your Favourite Fast Food Joints
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COVID-19 has taken so many things from us over the past two years, but did it really have to take our KFC chicken, too? KFC Australia is just one of the many businesses that have had to release a statement sharing its supply chain has been impacted by the latest COVID wave.

Which fast-food chains have been impacted by supply chain issues?

With many workers infected or sent to isolate at home, Australia’s meat suppliers are suffering.

Unfortunately, this has impacted many of our best-loved food providers, including the Colonel.

“Like many businesses across Australia, our supply chain & workforce has been impacted by COVID-19. Rest assured we’re doing all we can to get back to fryin’ everyone’s faves as soon as possible. This isn’t the way we wanted to start the year, please be kind to each other, and our staff as they do their best to provide the chicken we all love.”

As a result of this chicken shortage, some KFC restaurants have been forced to change their menu.

“Unfortunately our supply chain has been disrupted, and some of our restaurants will be offering a reduced menu,” a KFC spokesperson told 

The outlet reported some KFC restaurants were posting signs with items that were not available for order. One KFC store was reportedly sold out of original chicken, zinger, fillets and wings. Others have been forced to reduce operating hours due to the shortage.

McDonald’s stores in Australia have also been impacted. reported that some Macca’s stores have had to cut operating hours due to staff shortages. There’s no word yet on whether menu items will also be affected.

Aussie supermarkets are also struggling with the meat shortage right now. Coles has re-introduced purchase limits on a number of items. Customers are currently limited to buying only 2 packs of chicken breasts, chicken thighs, mince and sausages at Coles stores.

Recent changes to isolation requirements for workers in the food and grocery distribution chains should help to alleviate some of this pressure. But it could still be weeks before we see things return to normal.

For now, it’s probably best to lower your expectations when it comes to buying meat (and definitely avoid panic buying) until the situation has been resolved.

We’ll keep you posted on any other major retailers who become impacted by these supply chain issues.

In the meantime, if you’re really keen on some KFC chicken during this shortage, here’s a recipe you can use to recreate it at home.

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