KFC Chicken To Go Boneless

In a bid to make its fast food less messy and more convenient, KFC has launched a "bone-free" version of its flagship original recipe chicken at the introductory price of $2 apiece. (The greasy box, meanwhile, is still here to stay.)

Described as a "dramatic shift" in KFC's flagship 45-year old product, Original Recipe Boneless chicken retains the same 11 secret herbs and spices, but with all bones removed. According to the fast food giant, it marks a new direction by the business towards more contemporary products for the "new consumer" (whatever that means).

"With more of our Australian customers now opting for chicken 'off the bone', the introduction of Original Recipe Boneless is the next step in our ongoing journey to modernise our menu and meet changing consumer needs," KFC Australia's chief marketing officer Valerie Kubizniak said in a statement.

"Original Recipe Boneless gives our customers the flexibility to enjoy KFC without the messiness of the bones, packed with the same great taste people know and love."

Does this mean that KFC will only be using breast meat? Or will wings, legs and thighs also be getting the boneless treatment? KFC's press release wasn't clear, but we've contacted them for comment and will update the article when they get back to us. From the marketing images, the new product kind of looks like an over-sized chicken nugget.

From today, KFC will be offering pieces of Original Recipe Boneless for $2. We'll be doing an obligatory taste-test later in the week.

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    awww bloody hell just when i thought my diet was doing well

    Is this just the same pieces they already use for burgers? If so, may as well just buy crispy strips. They've shrunk the size of the burger pieces so much that crispy strips in my humble opinion are now the same size. I personally get twisters all the time now just to get something more filling.

    When you do the trial of this, could we request you find this information out for us as well as a size comparison so I can find out if I'm just imagining this?

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      I make my twisters at home, now I know how to make the sauce.

    Isnt this just the KFC Fillets they advertised around 2 years ago....but rebranded?

      Pretty sure you're right a.x, its just the Fillets Box basically, which you can get in Original or Hot n Spicy, that's what I always order anyway cause I prefer it boneless.

      Its not, I just went and tried it for lunch and they are much smaller and one of them was breast meat the other 2 were some other darker meat.

      Very nice though. Tasted just like a leg but without the bone in it.

        Much smaller? How much smaller, are they more like overgrown nuggets?

          Yeah each one pretty much had the mass of 2 nuggets.

    The important question is, is it SKINLESS? (I hate skin of all sorts on my meat.)

      People buy KFC for the skin. Not for the chicken.

        People buy KFC for the seasoning/batter, not the skin. Sure, a lot of it happens to be on the skin.

      Then let us nibble off the skin while you have all the meat. Though 20x chicken skins can't be great for your o-ring.

    Should be "a piece" (or even better, "per piece") rather than "apiece", IMHO.

      All three are acceptable in the above context.

    I actually find the bone-in pieces to be more comforting, in the sense that I know I'm eating an actual piece of chicken rather than some sort of meat mix that's just been made into a fillet shape. And don't let those muscle fibres in the fillet fool you, they can fake that too.

      I agree, how processed will the boneless chicken be...eewl

      Fool me once, yum.
      Fool me twice, YUM.
      Fool me a third time, I'm just going to keep getting fooled again because YUM!

      If they claim it's 100% chicken breast or thigh fillet and it is processed chicken, then shit they're probably in a whole world of trouble.

      Edit: like people claim that McDonalds Australia don't make their chicken nuggets from breast fillet like the company say, but it's extruded odds and ends like supposedly is the case in the USA.

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        When something is labelled as '100% Chicken Breast', it only means that all the meat in it is chicken breast, it can still be processed beyond recognition.

    Yeah they did this years ago hell i remember as a teen you could walk in and ask for boneless chicken, They had no special or anything on it at that time.

    Are t hey going to be running that awful "I ate the bones" ad campaign from KFC USA?

    re: just breasts - the ad on the website says breasts and thighs.

    Edited to add - it doesn't seem to be all that terrible for you http://kfc.com.au/nutrition/documents/131003%20-%20Nutrition%20Information%20-%20Boneless%20P12%20National%20promo.pdf

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    people actually still eat KFC?

    Hmmmmmmm Pink slime.

    Without the bones, how are we to quickly confirm that the meat is from a chicken? I don't have time to run a DNA test on the pieces.

      A. Pretty sure there are government departments doing this job for
      B. If they aren't who cares if it tastes good
      C. If you are that worried then go cook it yourself to make sure

      That is very funny .. :D

    hey guys i used to work at kfc in wyndhamvale, melbourne, its just fillet pieces with original recipe coating,
    all it is is flower with some spices and you wet the chicken and dip it in flower and deep fry for 6 minutes, nothing special, just fillets that are from the shop,
    hope it cleared it up.

      flower huh. confirmed, you work at KFC Wyndhamvale.

    At last,
    We had this a few years ago in South Africa and it worked really well, until they took it off the menu. Just hope here they keep it going and don't take it off in a month or 2.

    ALot of people have been uploading photos of these boneless pieces and they are about the size of 3 chicken nuggets put together. have a look for yourself and its $12 for the boxed meal 3 boneless pieces , small chips , small potato gravy, bread roll ,can of drink --->





    I am discussed at this boneless and skinless chicken the pieces are too small and I feel that I have been ripped off and I will not be going too buy it again not good for a big franchise

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