Australian Open 2022: Serving up Everything Tennis Fans Need to Know

Australian Open 2022: Serving up Everything Tennis Fans Need to Know
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The 2022 Australian Open is on its way, friends. I know it was January 2021 five minutes ago, but somehow, Australia’s largest tennis event is fast-approaching once again, with athletes taking to the courts in mere months.

If you’re hoping to follow along with the excitement of the 2022 Australian Open event, here’s everything you need to know.

Where can I watch Australian Open matches?

Australian Open 2022
Australian Open 2021 Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Andy Cheung/Getty Images)

Channel Nine is your go-to venue for live Australian Open match broadcasting. The network will be airing matches across its platforms, with other major broadcasters reporting live on the events as they unfold.

Live tickets to Australian Open matches will be available for sale for those able to visit Melbourne for the event. COVID-safe restrictions will be put in place, and tickets will come with Booking Protection so folks don’t need to worry too much about being impacted by border closures and the like.

When is the Australian Open running?

The 2022 Australian Open is set to run from January 17 through to January 30.

What kind of prize money does the event see?

One element of the Australian Open that gets a lot of interest is the discussion of prize money. This varies, but according to Sporting News, the winning athletes won a $2.31 million prize each in 2021. 7 News reports the prize pool totals $80 million for the entire competition.

Here’s a breakdown of the prize money allocation from the Australian Open in 2020.

What else should I know?

Novak Djokovic and Naomi Osaka are the reigning champs from the 2021 Australian Open.

There is a chance, however, that the sporting lineup for the Australian Open may look a little different for 2022 as Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews confirmed no unvaccinated players would be permitted to attend.

“I’m not going to actually require people sitting in the grandstand, people working at the event to be vaccinated while players aren’t, so we’re not going to be applying for an exemption,” Andrews said.

This led to questions regarding the attendance of players like Djokovic. As The Age reports, the tennis champ has said his vaccination status is “a private matter”. Initially, the sports champ shared he would wait for word from the Australian Open itself regarding vaccine rules.

Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley confirmed on November 20 that no, unvaccinated players would not be able to attend the tournament.

“It’s been made very clear, when the Premier announced several weeks ago that in order to participate at the Australian Open, to come into Victoria, you’ll need to be fully vaccinated,” Tiley said on Channel Nine.

“Immediately we communicated that to the playing group, it is the one direction that you take that is going to ensure everyone’s safety.

“All the playing group understands it, our patrons will need to be vaccinated, all the staff working at the Australian Open will need to be vaccinated.”

As the ABC reports, when asked about his position on the vaccination rules by reporters at the ATP Finals, Djokovic simply said “We’ll see. We’ll have to wait and see”.

One thing we do know is that Aussie champ Ash Barty is keen to get an Australian Open win under her belt. Barty confirmed she respects the vaccination requirement, but also has no judgement for those who will not attend as a result.

“It’s personal to me. I had my vaccine in April, I had no issues. I was fit and healthy and I was doing that for the people around me and to make sure my family was safe. There’s no judgment from me,” Barty is quoted saying by The Age.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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This article has been updated to reflect the details of the 2022 Australian Open.

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