Australian Open Offers A Choice Of Two iOS Apps

The Australian Open kicks off next week, and dedicated tennis fans with tech leanings face a choice. Do you go for the $4.99 official event program app for the IBM-developed iPad guide, or save your cash and get the free iPhone app instead?

$4.99 is cheaper than the printed event guide, and the same information is covered. The app includes some nifty features such as storing details of the attendance figures and weather on specific days when you attend, as well as letting you use the iPad as an autograph-collecting device and check out tennis-related updates from Twitter and Facebook. As you'd expect, it also includes news and video updates.

If you're feeling parsimonious or just don't fancy lugging an iPad around the grounds, the more basic iPhone app offers live scores and news and a daily schedule with regularly updated scores. Not so flashy, but unquestionably free.

Australian Open 2011 Program [iPad]

Australian Open Tennis Championships 2011 [iPhone]


    No android app? :(

      Not this year, but I suspect there will be in 2012.

    I downloaded both apps to my iPad and although the program that I purchased looked flashier and had more content than the free app, I found the free iPhone app to be easier to use, more intuitive than its flashier cousin. I didn't like the dashboard much on the paid app. I wouldn't bother with the paid app next year unless they declutter it.

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