Convert A Jean Zipper Into A Button Fly

Instructables user rocket had a broken zipper on an otherwise-fine pair of jeans, and by cutting out the zipper, sewing two buttons and cutting and stitching button holes has converted his jeans to a button fly. Consider making this modification to any jeans with a broken zipper.

This hack will take around 30 minutes and a dollar's worth of sewing supplies — if you have a sewing machine you can speed up the time stitching the button holes, but this is not a requirement.

Full step-by-step directions can be found at the source link below.

jean zipper to button-fly [Instructables]


    I don't understand why anyone would want to do this.

    The last thing I need when I'm struggling to not piss myself is waste time wrestling with buttons instead of the quick release of a zipper.

    Couldn't agree more with MrTaco. No man should ever have to wear pants with a button fly.

    A button fly isn't too bad if the holes are big enough, you can still usually undo it with one hand quickly. That said, I hate button flies.

    Give me a button fly any day over a zipper. So much more "secure", you never run into a situation where you fly's come undone, you also don't have to problem of getting "things" caught in the zipper.

      Wear underpants and your Twinkie will never get stuck in the zip again!

    I hate button flies.

    An article demonstrating how to remove the buttons and add a zipper would be useful?!

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