Multiply Your Shower Storage in Minutes With This Renter’s Dream Of a Hack

Multiply Your Shower Storage in Minutes With This Renter’s Dream Of a Hack
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As you know, we froth over a DIY hack here at Lifehacker Australia. For that reason, we’re big old fans of Apartment Therapy and the catalogue of home improvement hacks the publication has under its arm. Most recently, the CEO and Founder of Apartment Therapy, Maxwell Ryan, shared a video explaining how you can “double your shower storage” with a shower curtain tension rod. It floored us.

We found the suggestion so gobsmackingly impressive that we thought we’d share it here with you.

How to increase shower storage in minutes

To start, I should point out that this hack involves no permanent changes to the structure of your bathroom, which makes it ideal for both renters and those who aren’t in a position to undertake a construction project right now.

Quite literally, all it asks for is a good quality tension rod (like this one from Amazon) that measures the length of your shower wall and some S hooks (here are some you can grab from Amazon, too).

In the video, you can see Ryan installs the tension rod against the shower wall – horizontally. He then uses the S hooks to hang everything from shower caddies to loofas along the rod.

Obviously, you’ll need to keep weight limits in mind if using this hack to expand on your bathroom storage, but in most cases, this will probably be a pretty faultless option for your shower products.

If you’d like to see the full video explaining how to use a tension rod to add an additional layer of storage to your shower, you can find that below.

It’s also worth noting that Ryan shared he recommends this hack for kitchen cabinet and cleaning product storage expansion, also. Who knew something as simple as a shower curtain rod could be the solution to (at least some of) your storage problems?

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