Create A Large Mobile Workstation Out Of IKEA Bookshelves And Some Board

Need a big space to work? Need lots of storage? Need to be able to move it easily? This IKEA hack from Panyl — a company that's turned IKEA hacking into a business — can provide all three.

Because the workstation (pictured above) is so large, it's not that cheap. Of course, you could make a slightly smaller version and cut your costs significantly. Here's what Panyl says you'll need:

(6) 2 x 4 IKEA Expedit bookshelves (10) Four-inch industrial castors (1) 2.4m x 3m x 1.5cm plywood, ripped in half (1) 3m x 1.2m x 1.3cm; hardboard sheet (1) 3m x 1.2m x 6.35mm opaque white acrylic sheet (30) 4.45cm drywall screws (16) Assorted Simpson ties

If you've got the space and need the storage, it's definitely a cool workstation that doesn't seem any harder to put together than your standard IKEA furniture. For in-depth instructions, hit up the full post on Panyl's blog.

PANYL's Giant, Moveable IKEA Expedit Worktable Hack [PANYL via Ikea Hackers via Apartment Therapy]


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