Catch up on Every Saw Movie Before You See Spiral

Catch up on Every Saw Movie Before You See Spiral
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James Wan’s chilling series of Saw horror films is set to return to screens this year with the release of Spiral: From the Book of Saw.

If you’ve been following on from the beginning, you’ll know that the franchise kicked off in 2004 with a bang (and a severed foot) and since that point, seven more films have followed.

Spiral will be the ninth instalment in the Saw universe. If you’re thinking, wow that’s almost as bad as Fast and the Furious movies, it is. Fast and Furious 9 is hitting screens in June 2021. And fun fact for you: James Wan directed Furious 7.

Anyway, I digress.

Spiral sees Detective Banks (Chris Rock) and his partner (Max Minghella) stumble on a series of murders that – shock, horror – seem reminiscent of the days of one Jigsaw.

The pair, and Banks’ father (Samuel L. Jackson), dive into the case and explore the possibility that a Jigsaw copycat could be on the loose.

The film is coming to cinemas in Australia on May 13, 2021.

That gives you a decent amount of time to give yourself a bit of a crash refresher course in the series of films.

Tell me about these movies, again

If you’re a little rusty on your Saw knowledge, let’s explore where the story currently sits. (Spoilers ahead)

For the uninitiated, the movie series centres on the Jigsaw killer who captures victims he believes to be guilty in some way or another, and puts them through a series of torturous challenges which often either lead to their deaths or an incredible amount of mental and/or physical distress.

The general theme here is Jigsaw’s desire to test people’s appreciation of life, and we see that travel through each of the films.

John ‘Jigsaw’ Kramer – the film’s original bad guy – died at the end of Saw 3. He was shot by Jeff Denlon and we definitely know he is donezo because we were treated to footage of his body on an autopsy table in Saw 4.

As Screenshot recently shared, Jigsaw’s legacy is then continued by a series of apprentices like Detective Hoffman, Amanda, and Dr Gordon. John.

The last time we entered into the Saw universe with Jigsaw (Saw 8), the film was criticised for some considerable plot holes. But disregarding that, the movie wrapped up with the discovery that Logan Nelson (Matt Passmore) was another Jigsaw impersonator who managed to convince corrupt Detective Halloran that the OG villain was back. He’s not.

The upcoming film seems to be going down a similar path.

Where can I watch the Saw films?

If you’d like to do some catching up while we wait for Spiral to drop, you can find most of the other Saw films on digital rental services like Amazon or Apple TV.


Saw 2

Saw 3

Saw 4

Saw 5

Saw 6

Saw 7

Jigsaw (Saw 8) is available on Foxtel  

Enjoy the gore, pals. Don’t blame me if you can’t sleep for a week after watching all of these.


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