This Smart Water Bottle Will Remind You To Hydrate

This Smart Water Bottle Will Remind You To Hydrate
Image: HidrateSpark
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Every year CES brings out some of the most innovative ideas on the market. Typically we’ll see the latest range of TVs, laptops and monitors brought out, but there have been some great health and fitness innovations too.

Given the movement from disposable plastic bottles to reusable ones, it was only a matter of time before water bottles got smart. So, allow me to introduce you to the HidrateSpark Steel.

An honoree at this year’s CES innovation awards, the HidrateSpark Steel is a stainless steel, vacuum-insulated smart water bottle.

It can keep your water cold for up to 24 hours and is offered in a range of sleek colours. But, if you’re like me and are constantly forgetting to drink water, you’ll want to pay attention to the Steel’s best feature. It has an inbuilt smart sensor that monitors how much you’re drinking each day and a blinking LED light that reminds you when it’s time to hydrate.

HidrateSpark Steel smart water bottle
Image: HidrateSpark

It even has an app

HidrateSpark also has a partner app (free on the Apple and Google Play stores) which syncs up with the bottle to monitor your water levels. You can even connect with friends on the HidrateSpark app and motivate each other to drink more.

The app takes into account things like your age, height, weight and even the weather to determine how much water you need each day. You can also customise your bottle’s glow colour and patterns. Because everyone deserves a disco each time they take a drink.

It features a rechargeable battery and comes in 500mL and 620mL sizes. There are also different lid options for those who prefer a wide mouth lid or a straw lid.

The HidrateSpark Steel is so advanced it syncs with smart fitness watches, like Fitbit and Apple, to factor in exercise with your hydration needs.

This buddy will set you back around $100 AUD and you can grab it from the HidrateSpark store or Amazon. That may seem pricey for a water bottle but anything that can encourage me to drink more gets a big tick of approval.


  • If only there was something built in that could sense when I need to intake fluids, like THIRST

    You don’t need a computer chip to tell you to drink, your brain has that function built into it… seriously, 400 million years of land dwelling and people are telling me that humans are forgetting to drink.
    Give it a few more years and some bottle water company is going to call it a disease, like Hydradementia.

    Its bonkers that even if the bottle is near you, so you can see the LED light, you wouldn’t just sip on the bottle when you feel like it cause its in arms reach… NO!!! You must sit there with the light in the corner of your eye and POUNCE on it when you get the notification to drink. OMG! What has social media done to the human brain that essential element of life needs a notification alert.

    Sorry I got to go I just got a notification I need to keep breathing or I will die!

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