This Trick for Straining Your Pasta Is a Game-Changer

This Trick for Straining Your Pasta Is a Game-Changer

Pasta is one of life’s staples. It’s quick, it’s tasty and the cooking process could not be more simple. But to make your pasta cooking days even easier, we’re bringing you this hack from TikTok which may revolutionise how you strain your pasta.

Have we been straining pasta wrong this whole time?

After you boil your water, drop in your pasta and simmer it to perfection, the time comes to take that bad boy off the stove and drain it.

Life up until this point would have us position a colander or strainer over the sink and pour both pasta and water through it. But TikTok has another solution.

This hack suggests you place your strainer into your pot, on top of your pasta so it is secured to the bottom. Then tip the water into the sink. The strainer will keep your pasta in the pot and the water will filter out through the strainer. Genius.


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Many TikTokers have credited the hack as life-changing, with this new method becoming standard pasta practice.


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Now, while this pasta hack may be a game-changer, I wouldn’t go as far as to say we’ve all been straining pasta wrong prior to this. For starters, your sieve needs to be the same size as your pot for this method to work. Otherwise, you’ll lose both pasta and water to the sink.

Also, if you’re a fan of rinsing your pasta after cooking, this is much easier to do within the sieve under the tap.

This method does eliminate the need for the constant back and forth between pot and sieve for your pasta, though. It also puts less strain on your wrists as you try to hold both a pot and sieve simultaneously.

Use whichever method works for you, but many people have been surprised to learn of this one.

If you’re looking for other neat pasta hacks read our article on how you can cook pasta without boiling it first.

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