How to Stop iPhone Notes From Automatically Making Your First Line Bold

How to Stop iPhone Notes From Automatically Making Your First Line Bold

Here’s a picture for you. You’re preparing to head to the supermarket for your weekly grocery shop, so decide to write out a list of items. You know, the basics. Eggs, milk, bread, two packets of double-coated Tim Tams (don’t judge). As you pull out your iPhone and begin entering the first word into the notes app, you notice it; the word eggs is being typed out in giant bold, yelly letters.

It looks wrong. The sight of it makes you feel a deep rage. Why does my grocery list need a title? I’m just writing “eggs”!

Maybe you leave it as is and move on, or maybe you’re a type ‘a’ personality like me and delete the ugly bold lettering before starting the list again, further down the notes page. Whatever the case, it’s an annoying feature of that damn notes app that just can’t be avoided.

Except that it can be!

Thanks to a very helpful little birdy (who sent me the Instagram post below), I came to learn today that there’s a hack out there that’ll rid your notes of those (mostly) redundant titles.

Now, this may not be news to everyone as it has been floating around the internet for some time now. But a hack is a hack, and if this helps stop your grocery list from yelling at you every week, I think it’s worth sharing around a little further.

How to cut the title from your notes

Are you ready? Are you excited? Let’s get into it, shall we?

Getting rid of this feature will take you a few seconds – quite literally. All you need to do is head to your iPhone’s Settings, tap on Notes, go through to New Notes Start With, and select ‘Body‘.

There you have it. Regular, uniformly-formatted notes that won’t make you want to throw your iPhone at a wall.

You’re welcome.

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