Just a Reminder, You Can Check Siri on Her Poor Pronunciation

Just a Reminder, You Can Check Siri on Her Poor Pronunciation

TikTok is a treasure trove for folks looking for hacks on how to improve their day-to-day lives (i.e. us). It’s chock full of ideas on how to tackle simple tasks with a little more ease (some ideas are more effective than others, just FYI).

One of the things I love most about the platform, however, is that it often reminds us of nifty little tricks we may have forgotten about. That was true of the video highlighting that the apple on the back of your iPhone has a function, and it’s true of this gem I stumbled upon recently, too.

TikTok user @katamogz, or Katarina Mogus (pronounced Katarina with a rolled ‘r’) shared a video with fans in which she explains precisely what you should do if Siri can’t seem to say your name right.

We covered this a little while back, but hey – no one can remember all those sweet iPhone hacks forever. So, here’s your timely little reminder.

How to correct Siri on her pronunciation

In the video, @katamogz holds up her phone and says “Hey Siri, you’re pronouncing my name wrong” then proceeds to say her name correctly.

From here, Siri shows five different pronunciation options for the name Katarina. You can play each of them back and then choose the version you like most.

Sweet, hey?


Siri..it’s katarrrrrrrrina #iphonehack #siri #iphonetrick #siritricks #iphone12promax

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As we covered a few years back, you can also do this with your friends’ names. And if you don’t feel like chatting, you can correct Siri with a text-based approach, too.

If you head to your iPhone contacts, pick a friend and select Edit, then scroll down and tap on Add Field. From here, tap Pronunciation first name and type out how this name should be said. Save that baby, and your problems should be solved.

Technology is a marvel, ain’t it?

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