5 Delicious Whisky Options Under 100 Bucks

5 Delicious Whisky Options Under 100 Bucks
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One hundred dollars can go a surprisingly long way when it comes to whisky. (Or is it “whiskey”? It largely depends on where it was distilled.) Whatever spelling you plump for, a bottle of the good stuff is always a solid gift idea – and one that booze enthusiasts will really appreciate.

So, if you’re wondering what you can find for less than a hundo, the answer is a hell of a lot. To help you navigate the sea of options, however, I’ve put together a list of standouts.

These five whiskies all taste amazing — and they start at just $69.

Suntory Toki Blended Japanese Whisky ($72):

Toki means “time” in Japanese. A vivid blend of whiskies from Suntory’s Hakushu, Yamazaki, and Chita distilleries, Suntory Whisky Toki features the quintessential characteristics of a Suntory Whisky blend: exquisite balance, harmony, and oneness.

At the same time, its unique pairing of Hakushu® American white oak cask malt whisky with Chita heavy-type grain whisky overturns the traditional hierarchy between malt and grain.

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Ailsa Bay Single Malt Whisky ($100):

The single malt has been distilled with scientific precision at the state-of-the-art distillery in Girvan, Scotland. Ailsa Bay is the only whisky in the world to be assessed by both phenol parts per million (PPPM) and sweet parts per million (SPPM).

PPPM is a long-standing industry standard assessing a whisky’s “smokiness”; however the extensive use of data at every point in the distillation process at Girvan has afforded the Ailsa Bay team a new level of transparency that allows an industry-first “sweetness” index – SPPM.

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The Chita Japanese Whisky ($95):

Chita is the serenity of Japanese whisky, from the inventive grain whisky distillery in the Chita Peninsula dedicated to the pursuit of making diverse grain whiskies. These whiskies have been aged in a variety of casks before coming together to produce the Chita Single Grain Whisky. Sublimely smooth, versatile, and complex with subtle sweetness, Chita is embraced as the innovation single grain Japanese whisky from the award-winning House of Suntory Whisky.

Made with diverse unblended whisky brewing techniques and master craftsmanship developed over many years, this single grain whisky features a light and delicately sweet fragrance.

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Starward Two-Fold Double Grain Australian Whisky ($64.95 with current Dan Murphy’s member special):

Starward began with a simple idea; imagine a whisky unshackled from tradition, one which borrows from the past and marries it with the best Australia has to offer.

Starward Two-Fold represents a landmark achievement for modern Australian whisky. Bringing together two iconic Australian grains; wheat and malted barley, STARWARD has created a distinctly approachable, well-rounded whisky fully matured in Australian red wine barrels.

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Highland Park 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky ($86.99 with current Dan Murphy’s member special):

The Highland style of Whisky is generally considered to be one of the most approachable styles. Deep gold in colour with a nose of heather and wood smoke Highland Park has a deceptively complex palate that ranges from sweet maltiness to smokey peat and savoury spices.

The heart and soul of Highland Park, VIKING HONOUR is a perfect harmony of aromatic smoky peat, sweet heather honey and rich fruit cake.

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