Dodo Prepaid Magic Sim Includes International Calls

Oft-lambasted telecommunications company Dodo has launched a new "unlimited" prepaid mobile SIM offering. How does it rank against its competition?

The 'Magic SIM' plan utilises the Optus network and comes in two flavours. Firstly there's a pay-as-you-go option which charges 11 cents per minute with no flag fall to standard Australian numbers (including 13 and 1800 numbers). Text messages are 11 cents each, and data is 5 cents a megabyte. Recharge options include $10 with a 60-day expiry; $20, $30 or $40 with a 90-day expiry; $50 with a 180-day expiry, or $100 with a 365-day expiry. (The initial SIM costs $2.)

Potentially of more interest to Lifehacker readers is the Unlimited option. For $39.90 a month, you get unlimited calls to standard numbers and texts to Australian mobile numbers, and 5GB of data. (As an introductory offer, Dodo is halving the price to $19.95 and adding an additional 5GB of data for the first month.)

More unusually, you also get 100 minutes of calls to selected international destinations. Whether that represents good value depends on whether those countries include the ones you want to call. The deal covers most major European and Asian destinations (Indonesia aside), but is a lot sparser for Africa. These are the countries covered:

Argentina Austria Belgium Bermuda Brazil Brunei Canada Chile China Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary India Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea South
Laos Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Pakistan Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Romania Singapore Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey United Kingdom United States

Unsurprisingly, the offer only includes landlines in those countries.

Those prices are extremely similar to the prepaid and unlimited deals offered by Amaysim, which recently lowered its pay-as-you-go charges to 12 cents a minute, Boost and Red Bull Mobile. The chief differentiators for the unlimited deals are the more generous broadband offerings (5GB rather than 4GB) and the international minutes.

Against that, you'd have to set Dodo's frequently shaky reputation for customer service (minor case in point: right now, the link to the coverage map on its site doesn't work).

It's not the outright cheapest 'unlimited' prepaid deal in the long term: that's still Red Bull's 365 days for $365 offer. However, that ties you to the Vodafone network (often an unpopular choice) and doesn't give you any flexibility to switch plans over that time.



    I'd be interested to know if it allows internet tethering. because for the moment that is my main source of internets.

    Yes I believe dodo does allow Internet tethering, as there is a page on their website with screen shots showing you how to turn tethering on for your iPhone! Check it out

    Sorry, no Internet tethering. Sadly. Even though the support page on the website tells you how to set up your iPhone for it, they don't allow tethering. Amaysim is the only one that I've found that does allow it, prepaid. Let me know if you find any more!

      dodo does allow internet tethering check your phone maybe its an andriod software update, personly i been using tethering with dodo for 2 yrs now

      as a post paid customer

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