How Many 2-Minute Calls Can You Make On Australian Phone Plans?

One of the key requirements under the new Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code is for mobile phone providers to specify how many 2-minute calls you could make on each plan they offer. That won’t be a requirement until March 1 next year, but we can easily perform that calculation ourselves right now.

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Just last week, our Planhacker column rounded up BYO contract deals. That full post is worth checking for all the details of each plan. Below is a more basic listing: what each plan costs and how many 2-minute calls you could make to an Australian standard number using that plan. That’s one of the key details required in the Critical Information Summary all providers will have to offer from March 1, 2013. But why wait?

Provider Charge Number of 2-min calls
Amaysim Flexi $19.90 110
Amaysim Unlimited $39.90 Unlimited
Boost Unltd $40.00 Unlimited
Crazy John’s SIM-Only $10.00 42
Crazy John’s SIM-Only $15.00 84
Crazy John’s SIM-Only $25.00 168
Crazy John’s SIM-Only $45.00 Unlimited
Dodo Flexi $9.90 46
Dodo Flexi $19.90 93
Dodo Flexi $29.90 232
Dodo Flexi $49.90 Unlimited
Dodo Flexi $59.90 Unlimited
Live Connected S $7.99 76
Live Connected M $11.99 232
Live Connected L $17.99 325
Live Connected XL $29.99 372
Live Connected XXL $34.99 1395
Optus BYO $14.00 6
Optus BYO $19.00 83
Optus BYO $34.00 255
Optus BYO $69.00 Unlimited
Red Bull Access 30 $39.00 Unlimited
Red Bull Access 180 $199.00 Unlimited
Red Bull Access 365 $365.00 Unlimited
Telstra Every Day $50.00 252
Telstra Every Day $60.00 336
Telstra Every Day $80.00 378
Telstra Every Day $100.00 Unlimited
TPG Starter $9.99 83
TPG Medium $17.99 255
TPG Heavy $34.99 465
TPG Infinity $45.00 1395
Virgin Mobile Big Plan $19.00 189
Virgin Mobile Big Plan $29.00 273
Virgin Mobile Fair Go $39.00 168
Virgin Mobile Fair Go $49.00 294
Virgin Mobile Topless $79.00 Unlimited
Vodafone SIM Only $20.00 76
Vodafone SIM Only $30.00 127
Vodafone SIM Only $35.00 233
Vodafone SIM Only $45.00 317
Vodafone SIM Only $65.00 Unlimited
Vodafone SIM Only $85.00 Unlimited

Obviously there’s no restriction on unlimited plans, but if you don’t make a lot of calls, then a cheaper plan can make more sense — why pay extra if you really don’t make more than a handful of calls in a day? (Going forward, we’ll include the 2-minute calculation in all relevant Planhacker tables.)

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