The Best Internet Plans for Singles, Couples and Share Houses

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Different living situations have different internet needs, whether you’re living solo, with a partner or a few roomies in a share house. Finding an internet plan that services your house’s needs, both in terms of performance and cost, can be a bit tricky.

We’ve sorted these NBN plans by their typical evening speeds, starting with the fastest available for each speed-tier and then moving down from there.

These plans are all unlimited with no contract, so you won’t have to worry about capping a monthly data allowance or paying a cancellation fee.

NBN 25 plans

Monthly costs are a big factor if you live by yourself, as you’ll be the only one bearing the monthly bill. A NBN 25 plan will do a solid job of meeting your basic internet needs.

If you want something fast but affordable, Tangerine is your best bet. Their typical evening speeds — 21 Mbps— are only 2 Mbps below the fastest provider, and they’ve got the cheapest price tag on their internet plan.

You’ll get a $10/month discount for the first six months you’re with Tangerine, paying $49.90 per month — and even when you’re paying full price ($59.90/month), it still shakes out cheaper than almost every plan on this list.

NBN 50 plans

If you’re living in a share house with a few roomies and a good internet connection is an absolute must, a NBN 50 plan is a safe bet.

TPG’s NBN 50 plan is worth considering. Their typical evening speeds are 46 Mbps, which is very good – especially when you consider the two fastest NBN 50 providers, iiNet and Westnet, have evening speeds of 46.7 Mbps.

With TPG, you’ll be paying $69.99 per month, so the question you need to ask yourself is whether those extra 0.7 Mbps are worth another $5 each month?

Tangerine have the slowest typical evening speeds of 42 Mbps, but they do have the cheapest NBN 50 going. You’ll pay $59.90 per month for the first six months, and then $69.90 per month thereafter.

NBN 100 plans

If top speeds are all that you care about, Superloops’s NBN 100 plan will get you a very nice typical evening speeds of 90 Mbps. You’ll get a discount for the first six months you’re with them, paying only $79.95 per month.

Even when you’re paying the full monthly cost of $89.95, it’s one of the cheaper full price internet plans available.

Tangerine also offer a decent discount for the first six months, making them the cheapest NBN plan on offer. You’ll be paying $74.90 per month, before being bumped up to $89.90. With them, you should get typical evening speeds of 83 Mbps.

Meanwhile, MATE a flogging an internet plan for a consistent $74.90 per month. Their typical evening speed of 83 Mbps is pretty middle of the road for a NBN 100 plan, so you’ll still get a quality service.

Considering a lot of NBN providers offer discounts for the first six months you’re with them, swapping to a different internet plan once those six months have elapsed isn’t a bad idea. Going with Tangerine for the first six months and then jumping to MATE could be an option.

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