Here’s Where You Can Get Australia’s Cheapest NBN 1000 Plan

Here’s Where You Can Get Australia’s Cheapest NBN 1000 Plan
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Earlier this year NBN Co announced new NBN 250 and NBN 1000 speed tiers. Since then a few telcos have began offering these plans, and now Kogan is one of them. Not only that, it has the cheapest NBN 1000 plan in Australia.

Kogan NBN 1000 plans

If you’re keen to jump on the highest speed NBN train, Kogan’s NBN 1000 plan is currently on sale for $134.90/month for your first six months. That makes it the cheapest NBN 1000 plan available on the market right now. After that it will go up to $148.90/month.

Even after it goes back up to full price it will come in 10 cents cheaper than its closest competitors — Superloop and Aussie Broadband. At the moment Superloop is $139/month BUT this is also just for the first six months of the plan. After that it goes up to $149/month.

It’s also worth noting that Superloop only offers 3TB data per month where Kogan and Aussie Broadband have unlimited plans.

And if you still want to shop around afterwards, you can. Kogan plans are contract-free so you can leave at anytime. We have an explainer on why it can be good to swap NBN plans every six months right here.

In terms of speeds, Kogan is reporting typical speeds of 250Mbps on NBN 1000 plans.

Kogan NBN 250 plans

If you don’t need to go quite that hard, Kogan has also introduced NBN 250 plans to its lineup.

At the moment it is offering $116.90/month for your first six months, and $128.90/month thereafter.

While Kogan isn’t not the cheapest on this list (MyRepublic is at $109/month), it does have faster typical speeds. MyRepublic reports typical evening speeds of 150Mbps, whereas Kogan comes in at 200Mbps.

Aussie Broadband and Superloop have even faster typical evening speeds, but they are also slightly more expensive than Kogan. Once promo prices are removed, the difference is yet again 10 cents/month.

That being said, Superloop is also offering a six-month discount on its NBN plans right now.

Not everyone can get these plans

It’s important to note that comparatively, not many Aussies with NBN access can get NBN plan 1000 plans. In fact, not everyone can even get NBN 250. According to a statement by NBN Co earlier this year, these customers represent a comparatively small percentage of NBN-connected households.

NBN 1000 plans are only available to customers with FTTP and a tiny number of HFC customers — 7 per cent. NBN 250 plans are only available to FTTP and 70 per cent of HFC customers. If you’re not sure about the difference we have an explainer on different NBN connection types here.

And if you’re not sure what type of NBN connection your home has, this tool will tell you.


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