How To Get the Most Out of a NBN and Phone Bundle

How To Get the Most Out of a NBN and Phone Bundle
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Bundling your NBN and phone plan together is a great way to save yourself a few dollars. Depending on which provider you’re with (or possibly deciding to change to), you can open yourself up to some nice discounts that can knock a few dollars off your monthly bills. You can potentially pass on those savings and subscribe to a higher tier NBN plan, but only pay lower tier prices.

Some providers will offer more traditional bundles that includes a NBN plan with a home phone service.  If you don’t have much use for a home line as you predominately rely on a mobile phone, there are a few providers that will give you a discount by bundling a SIM-only mobile plan with a NBN plan.

NBN 50 plans that include a home phone service


If you’re looking to get get a deal when using multiple services from the same provider — particularly a mobile phone plan and a NBN plan — there are a few options available.

Vodafone will knock 5% off your total monthly bill for every postpaid service you have on your account after the first. You can get a maximum discount of up to 20% if you have five services. So if you’re looking to grab one of the more costly plans, the discount will work out in your favour.

They’ll also offer discounts if you add multiple services on the same account, such as mobile and NBN.

Here are Vodafone’s NBN plans:

And here are Vodafone’s SIM-only plans:


With MATE, you can get $10 discount per month if you bundle one of its NBN plans with one of its SIM-only plans.

Considering the price difference between most of MATE’s NBN plans is $10/month, that’s not a bad deal. You can get a NBN 50 plan (42 Mbps, typical evening speed) for the same price as a NBN 25 plan (19 Mbps, typical evening speed).

Here are MATE’s NBN plans:

Alternatively, if you were to apply this $10 discount to your phone plan, instead of your NBN plan, you’ll be able to get an additional 15-20GB data per month

Here are MATE’s SIM-only plans:

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