Chrome’s Dinosaur Game is Even Better With Mods

Chrome’s Dinosaur Game is Even Better With Mods

Everyone loves the Chrome dinosaur game — not the reason it appears, which happens when something goes haywire with your network connection and the web browser can’t load the site you were trying to reach — but it is a little fun and it helps pass the time while you wait for your network to fix itself your troubleshooting to rectify the problem.

However, “little” doesn’t mean “endless,” and even the most ardent of gamers will eventually get bored hitting the space bar and hopping over cacti as your dinosaur runs through a lovely desert. Enter Dino Swords, a collaboration between MSCHF and 100 Thieves that adds a bit more spice to Google’s simple Chrome game.

Screenshot: David Murphy Screenshot: David Murphy

Your dinosaur does the same thing in this version as the other — hopping over cacti. But he has an arsenal this time around. To be specific, the Dino Swords game gives your little creature 26 different weapons and items you can use to avoid cacti by mowing your way right through them. Or, depending on what you grab, you can even enable crazier effects like slowing down time.

The items aren’t unlimited, in the sense that you can’t just take out your handgun and blow the desert to pieces for thirty minutes. However, they are plentiful; I haven’t unlocked all of the items yet, but I bet I could if I didn’t have other things to do at the moment.

Don’t let my absentmindedness keep you back from some solid desert-jumping, however. Stick with the game for the next week, and you could win some solid prizes for your cacti avoidance:

Who doesn’t want some baller dinosaur prizes? Here’s hoping you don’t get a tiny little cactus in the mail as an “exclusive Dino Swords prize.” Unless said cactus has a crisp $100 bill (or a few) pinned to it; if so, I have no problem wasting my whole weekend jumping around. What else is one to do in a quarantine?

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