How To Celebrate Pride Month As A Family

It’s been a heavy few months, to say the least. From the pandemic to the protests over police brutality against black Americans, it hasn’t felt like there’s been much to celebrate lately. But now it’s June, which means in addition to everything else that’s happening, it’s also Pride Month.

Pride isn’t simply about rainbows and parades and parties; it’s about honouring gay, lesbian and transgender individuals who made today’s celebrations possible by fighting for LGBTQ rights, most notably through events like the Stonewall Inn rebellion. But it’s also a chance to talk to our kids about the core values of inclusivity that the LGBTQ+ community stands for—and celebrate them.

Talk about what it means to identify as LGBTQ+

If you haven’t yet started talking to your kids about the issues that people in the LGBTQ+ community face, now is the time—or the time to build on any discussions you’ve already had. (Here’s a primer to get you started.)

I also recently came across this video from the National Centre for Transgender Equality that talks to transgender kids and adults about their experiences, and it’s a good way for kids to connect the concept with real people they can relate to:

Tune into a virtual Drag Queen Story Hour

We’ve recommended in the past that you take your kids to a local Drag Queen Story Time, but since those may not be happening in many places right now, look for a virtual reading. Denver Pride has announced two planned story times this month: 7 am AEST on June 21 and 5 am AEST June 22, and more story times from other organisations are likely to follow.

Participate in a virtual 5K  

Events company Runstreet is hosting its fourth annual NYC Pride 5K Art Run—but this year, it’s virtual:

Don your fave rainbow gear and head out for a Pride 5K in your neighbourhood, snapping a photo of the beauty you find on your run. Tag @Runstreet in your Pride Art Run posts and you’ll be entered into our photo contest for amazing fitness prizes.

The run is being “held” anytime between June 20 and June 28. It’s $15 to enter, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Callen-Lorde Community Health Centre, which provides healthcare and related services to New York’s LGBTQ+ population.

Host your own Pride celebration day 

Dedicate a whole day (or a whole weekend!) to your own personal family Pride celebration. Sure, most of the big parades or parties that make celebrating this month especially fun won’t be happening this year, but you can repurpose other social-distancing activities to be Pride-specific. For example, organise a neighbourhood “Rainbow Chalk Walk”—or walk down your street, chalking your own rainbows as you go for others to discover. Or host a social distancing “Rainbow Scavenger Hunt” where kids in the neighbourhood decorate their windows or yards with rainbows for everyone to find.

Encourage rainbow-themed crafts, draw rainbows all over the windows with dry erase markers, make rainbow crispy treats—make it an extra-colourful day, is what I’m saying.

And if there is a particular family member or loved one you want to honour and support on this day, have the kids make them a card or a picture, get decked out in all the rainbow garb you own and video chat with them to tell them you love them.


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