Keep Your Kid From Bugging You While You Cook With This Game

Keep Your Kid From Bugging You While You Cook With This Game
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When my first foster son lived with us for a year, he was my constant shadow. That sweet boy followed close behind me wherever I went, especially when it was time to prep dinner. He was never interested in watching a show while I cooked; he’d rather be with me — as close as physically possible — as I moved from the dining room to the kitchen, from the refrigerator to the sink, from the sink to the stove.

It was endearing but also stressful when things like pots of boiling pasta were involved. He and I both would have loved this idea from Susie Allison at Busy Toddler:

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⭐️ABC ERASE⭐️ aka a timeless classic of how a white board dry erase marker can be all you need to make it through the day ???????? This is forever a go-to in our house and the reason I always keep a dry erase marker buried in our kitchen junk drawer ???????? And by junk drawer, I mean junk DRAWERS (plural) because I definitely have two and feel like I need to be honest about that ????????‍♀️ All I do here is write the alphabet all over the sliding glass door, hand over a towel to whichever kid is having an umbilical cord moment and needs help finding their own independent way (I know you know what I mean here…) ????????Sometimes kids just need a little nudge to turn their attention elsewhere so we can do some really exciting things like cook dinner or unload the dishwasher???? I just keep doing whatever awesome and exciting chore I'm working on ???? AND call out letters for them to erase. "Erase the M!" "Erase the letter that goes /aaaa/" "Erase the first letter sound in the word 'pig'" ????And while I'm doing my thang, they're doing theirs, and we are able to make it through the day just a little bit better ❤️ Once they find all 26 letters, we can shampoo this activity (you know, wash, rinse, repeat) and play it again ???????? You could even have two kids playing together if you have more than one child who knows their letters ???? The possibilities are endless – and all it takes is a marker in your junk drawer… ❤️❤️❤️

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Her idea is to write letters with dry erase markers on a sliding glass door or large window, hand the kid a towel and call out, “Erase the K! Erase the first letter in the word ‘cow!’ Erase the last letter in your name!” When they run out of letters, write them again, rinse and repeat.

You’re connecting with them without being physically attached and they’re practicing their letters. This is an activity that can grow with the child, too. The ABC Erase game would be great for kids ages 2-4(ish). For older kids, use it to practice sight words or simple maths equations. Or let siblings play a few rounds of Tic-Tac-Toe on a rainy day.

Once they’re old enough (trustworthy enough), you can hand over the markers and walk away. I recently gave my stash of dry erase markers to my nine-year-old and asked him to decorate our dining room windows for Halloween. I came back later to a haunted house scene that included this jaunty little devil:

ImageI’m sure the neighbours will love him. (Photo: Meghan Moravcik Walbert)

So no need for holiday window clings over here anymore.

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