Best Lo-Fi Chill Beats Playlists To Forget About The World

Best Lo-Fi Chill Beats Playlists To Forget About The World

The severity of the coronavirus outbreak has meant many of us will have to remain inside, staring at the same four walls for the next few weeks or months. If playing video games and streaming movies and shows is getting old, here are some great chill lo-fit beats playlist to help you escape.

Originally, a number of chill lo-fi beats started popping up on YouTube and Spotify for those wanting something mellow and inoffensive in the background while they study or work. But now in 2020, they serve a new purpose — chilling us the hell out in very anxious times.

The good thing about some of the playlists available on YouTube is they’re a continuous mix so the curation works seamlessly. With Spotify though, there’s more room to skip certain songs you don’t necessarily like but really, any playlist will likely do. Here are some of the best you should start with before going down the lo-fi beats rabbit hole.


ChilledCow was really the first major lo-fi beats curator on the ‘Tube to deliver you a playlist to relax or study to. Since then, the channel has amassed nearly five million subscribers and thousands of people tune into watch the 24/7 chill beats streams it has to offer.

If you’re a baby chill beats bopper, this is where you should start.

The Jazz Hop Café

Although ChilledCow’s playlists are endless, if you feel like shaking things up a bit, The Jazz Hop Café offers a slightly jazzier vibe to the mix.

Mixing lo-fi hip hop beats with smooth saxophone riffs, the channel has a number of 40-minute mixes based on subtle themes, for example, side streets or cityscapes. There are hours of beats there for you to slowly go through.

Chillhop Music

Offering an alternative to ChilledCow is another major chill beats offering — Chillhop music. In a similar fashion, the channel offers two 24/7 radios to tune into for your beats fix.

Like the other options, it too has a moving animation on loop if you feel like being mesmerised by the mundanity of a beautiful animation of walking or writing notes.


Another one for the lineup if you grow slightly bored of the others is STEEZYASF*CK. It makes sure there are no noticeable vocal samples in the beats so you don’t get distracted.

Lo-Fi Beats playlist on Spotify

If you just want a 16-hour playlist of song and don’t want to turn to YouTube, Spotify offers a lot of these as well.

A good starter is the Lo-Fi Beats playlist, which has all your lo-fi beat regulars, including Eevee and jhfly. It’s got nearly three million followers so let’s assume the numbers back up its quality.

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  • If you’re not worried about vocals, many years ago I stumbled across ‘LoungeFM’ from Ukraine ( and also Milano Lounge ( There’s obviously plenty of these around, they are just my go to for background music.

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