Best Spotify Quarantine Playlists For Self-Isolation

We live in dramatic times so it’s only natural many of us have turned to our old pal music to get us through. For those working at home away from work colleagues and potentially even friends and family, the internet is providing quarantine playlists to get you through your work week.

The world’s self-described disc jockeys have taken the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity to curate some of the finest, vaguely disease-related tracks into one hot playlist. If you’re in need of a bit of a laugh and some bangers amid the grim reality, it’s a perfectly acceptable cure.

So, make yourself a quarantini and sit back with these tunes to ease your mind.

COVID-19 Quarantine Party

The COVID-19 Quarantine Party cuts straight to the point kicking things off with Britney’s ‘Toxic’ and it doesn’t stop there. It’s got more than 100 song titles relating to sickness and isolation that have now, unknowingly, become the anthems of 2020. It defies genres and serves you up everything from System of a Down to Interpol to Mario.

Notable tracks: “Toxic” by Britney Spears, “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” by The Police and “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony.

Coronavirus beats to panic to

Sounding suspiciously similar to a Panic! At The Disco album, this playlist does a similar job to the one above — pulls in all your apocalyptic tracks into the one place. Genre-wise, it’s also chaos with the likes of Katy Perry, Matchbox Twenty, Slayer and DIIV all chucked in the mix. High School Musical’s “We’re All In This Together” also makes an appearance so it’s the perfect soundtrack for these chaotic times.

Notable tracks: “Temperature” by Sean Paul, “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” by R.E.M. and “Wash Off” by Foals.

Coronavirus Awesome Mix 2020

Look, it probably has the weakest title out the options so far but if you’d prefer something a bit more era-defined, look no further than this mix. This one keeps it pretty old school — 90s and earlier — with the likes of Bowie, The Smiths and Led Zeppelin. Who would’ve thought there would be so many relevant classics.

Notable tracks: “Fever” by Peggy Lee, “Mad World” by Gary Jules and “Tired of Being Alone” by Al Green.

Coronavirus Self Isolation Bangers

Continuing the more-curated offerings is this collection of alleged bangers. It can be defined, loosely, as more ‘alternative’ bangers without any surprises. Your reliable alternative stalwarts, like Tame Impala and CHVRCHES, are there with a mix of relevant pop tunes so if you don’t want Slayer suddenly appearing on your playlist, this is probably a better bet.

Notable tracks: “The Less I Know The Better” by Tame Impala, “Contaminated” by BANKS and “Warm on a Cold Night” by HONNE.

COVID-90 Coronavirus Handwashing Songs

Despite completely stuffing up the virus’ name, this playlist has an admirable cause. If you’re a repeat offender of washing your hand under the 20-second mark, use this playlist to sink some earworms into your brain. Each one has a chorus of at least 20 seconds so you’ll just need to sing it while you scrub.

Notable tracks: “Africa” by TOTO, “Lovefool” by The Cardigans and “Redbone” by Childish Gambino.

Coronavirus beats to chill / hide in my room to

If what you really need in these times is something more low-key without references to sickness and loneliness, there are also low-fi playlists.

This one’s not filled with previously-unrelated-coronavirus bangers but lo-fi hip hop beats to make you feel like you’re in a lush indie video game. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a chill rainy day at home.

Notable tracks: “The Places We Used To Walk” by Rook1e & tender spring, “Alone Time” by Purple Cat and “Fever” by Psalm Trees.

We’ll add more to the playlist as more would-be DJs flex their curation muscles. If you’ve found any crackers, leave them in the comments below.

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