Yes, You Can Go For A Run

Yes, You Can Go For A Run
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Stay home. That’s the first rule of self-quarantine, and of social distancing. But after a while you may be itching to get outside and move, and I have good news for you: if you’re able to do it all on your lonesome, it’s fine to go out for a run.

Remember, the way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to consider yourself a link in a chain. You don’t want to pick up the virus anywhere, and you don’t want to transmit it to anyone else if in fact you are sick (whether you know it yet or not). So the best practices are to:

  • stay six feet away from other people

  • don’t touch things that other people touch

If you lace up your shoes and head into the woods, or just jog along empty-ish streets, you’re golden. Now is also a great time to head out for a bike ride, take a walk, or go for a hike. Try birdwatching for once.

Don’t go running in a crowded place or with a big group of people (many organised races like marathons are being cancelled anyway), but if you just want to head out for a jog, enjoy.


  • This is dangerous and incorrect – it might be right for USA but in Australia you can’t leave home.
    “You must remain isolated either in your home or a healthcare setting until public health authorities inform you it is safe for you to return to your usual activities,” the guidelines say.

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