All Milk Belongs In The Bin At This Point

All Milk Belongs In The Bin At This Point
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Oh dear. Following last week’s safety recall of Dairy Farmers Milk due to E. Coli fears, two more potentially contaminated products have been removed from shelves.

Consumers have been warned not to drink certain Dairy Choice and Community Co full cream milk products. Here’s what you need to know.

Lion Dairy and Drinks has announced a statewide recall of two-litre bottles of two full cream milk brands: Dairy Choice and Community Co’s The Good Drop. Both products have been recalled due to potential microbial contamination (E. coli).

The recall is linked to an issue at the Lion Dairy & Drinks manufacturing site in Penrith which resulted in two Dairy Farmers white milk products being recalled in New South Wales on Thursday last week.

The impacted bottles were sold at IGA and other independent grocery stores in NSW. They have a use-by date of February 25, 2020.

The potentially unsafe bottles look like this:

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“We encourage anyone who has consumed the products being recalled and who feels unwell to seek medical advice as required,” Lion Dairy and Drinks urged in a statement. According to the company, steps are being put in place to mitigate against this happening again.

Lion Dairy and Drinks reckons no other milk products are affected. Mind you, it said the same thing during last week’s Dairy Farmers recall. While we’re all for supporting Australia’s dairy industry, now might be a good time to explore some milk alternatives.

You can request a full refund by calling the Lion Dairy & Drinks Consumer Enquiries Centre on 1800 677 852.

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