safety recalls

  • All Milk Belongs In The Bin At This Point

    Oh dear. Following last week’s safety recall of Dairy Farmers Milk due to E. Coli fears, two more potentially contaminated products have been removed from shelves. Consumers have been warned not to drink certain Dairy Choice and Community Co full cream milk products. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Takata Airbag Recall: Every Affected Vehicle Listed

    Yesterday, the Government announced that millions of Australians will need to replace defective airbags in their vehicles following a fatality in NSW. The compulsory recall, which affects approximately 1.3 million vehicles in Australia, has a deadline of 2020. To make life slightly easier, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has compiled a list of…

  • Samsung Explains Why The Note7 Kept Exploding

    Throughout the Samsung Galaxy Note7’s worldwide safety recall and subsequent discontinuation, the South Korean conglomerate remained pretty tight-lipped about what caused the issue. We knew that overheating batteries were to blame, but a thorough explanation was not forthcoming. Today, following months of extensive instigation, Samsung has finally come clean. Here is its explanation.

  • 12 Dangerous Gifts To Avoid This Christmas

    With Christmas rapidly approaching, many shoppers are looking to pick up popular gift ideas like drones, smartphones and slow cookers for their loved ones. Unfortunately, some items aren’t safe and should not be purchased under any circumstances. Consumer watchdog Choice recently named and shamed a range of products that were recalled due to safety concerns…