Check If You Have Access To Google’s RCS Messaging

Check If You Have Access To Google’s RCS Messaging
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RCS messaging is here—thanks, Google—but there’s still a chance that you can’t flip the switch on it because, again, Google. Yes, it’s another feature rollout, which means you’ll be staring at your phone for some unknown amount of time, hoping it reveals to you the setting you can use to turn on something that sounds really awesome on paper.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, here’s the super-short version. Consider RCS messaging to be a super-improved version of SMS, the way you currently text your friends all day long. With expanded character limits (8,000), support for read receipts, end-to-end encryption, cross-device syncing, and web-based chat capabilities, it’s the messaging evolution Android has needed for some time.

While people have found clever workarounds to enable RCS messaging manually on their devices, the easier method is here—assuming Google has rolled out the feature to you. To check, you’ll first need to make sure you have Google’s Messages app installed on your device—standard on Pixels, but not guaranteed on other Androids (cough Samsung cough).

From there, open the app and tap on the triple-dot icon in the upper-right corner, and then tap on Settings. Tap on Chat Features (if it exists), enter your phone number, and watch for your “Status” to move from “Setting up” to “Connected.” Boom, you’re now using RCS, and you’ll be able to partake in all of its features as long as the person you’re talking to on the other end also has RCS enabled on their device.

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    • “Your operator does not currently support this feature”
      message is misleading. Operator shouldnt have anything to do with RCS as RCS is going through google servers. As long as you have data available, google has enabled RCS in your country and you have required versions of andriod and messages app, you should be to send RCS.

      in my case i have compatible version of messages app and andriod but in Australia they have not turned on RCS yet hence i am getting this message as well.

      i have tried using manual backdoor sandbox server (method available on web) and that enables RCS for me fine that proves what i have just said above.

    • Yeah, best info I’ve found so far says only Telstra supports it right now, but in my case I’m with Woolworths Mobile which is on the Telstra network, but I also don’t have support.

  • I’m pretty sure RCS by Google isn’t rolled out in any capacity in Aus yet. Only Telstra have it but it’s their own implementation.

    You can however manually force it on with the method in the third paragraph.

  • A key step is missing. You need to first go into settings/advanced, and enter your phone number, otherwise you will get the “your operator does not currently support this feature” message

  • The hack to jump onto the sandbox server doesn’t work anymore. You need to sideload an older version APK to set the RCS flags, then update to the latest version of Messages again if you want to enable RCS in Aus currently.

    • On one hand that makes me glad I did it when I did… On the other, it’s entirely useless to me until it rolls out properly for everyone else. Until then, I’m stuck with SMS anyway.

  • Here we are in Feb 2020, it still doesn’t work for me on samsung a8 plus and Aldi network.
    for those people RCS works are most likely on Telstra network whose RCS works most likely through telstra RCS servers not google servers.

    Backdoor entry / hack by sandbox server is blocked by google now and as someone mentioned it doesn’t make sense to enable it by hack as other people are not available on RCS in Australia so very few people you can chat with anyway.

    Till then whatsapp !

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