Update Your Android’s ‘Carrier Services’ App To See If You Have RCS Messaging

Update Your Android’s ‘Carrier Services’ App To See If You Have RCS Messaging
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RCS messaging, the next iteration of text messaging that Google has embraced for its Android operating system, has been rolling out to Android smartphones since November 2019. That doesn’t mean that your phone, on your carrier, can use this super-improved version of SMS, but an update to your Carrier Services application might unlock it for you.

As 9to5Google notes, an for your Carrier Services app is opening up RCS messaging for even more combinations of carriers and devices, including various Google Pixels, Samsung Galaxies, and even some OnePlus Android devices.

To update the Carrier Services app to the most recent version (32.0.283645144), simply pull up Google Play, tap the hamburger icon to pull up its menu, tap “My Apps & Games,” and update Carrier Services (and any other apps still in your queue). If you’re unsure whether you have the most up-to-date version, you can check app via the “Apps & Notifications” section of your Android’s Settings app. It’s easy.

Once you’ve updated Carrier Services, make sure you’ve installed Google’s Messages app, if it’s not already on your device, and fire it up. If you see a “Messages just got better” pop-up, tap “agree” to start the process of enabling RCS messaging. If you don’t, or if you’re not sure if you’ve already flipped the switch on this feature, pull up Settings > Chat Features, if the latter exists. Look for your “status” to say “Connected,” which means you’re using RCS messaging. Lucky you.

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  • Another copy/paste American story. You even mentioned Verizon. This doesn’t apply to Australia. Google hasn’t rolled it out here. You need to use the hack to to get on the Jibe RCS servers outside the US

      • Pixels (and top end Samsung devices) have always had “Telstra Advanced Messaging”. Which is their private RCS server.
        They pushed it out to all Telstra SIM’s today finally as well, but it’s still different to the Jibe servers that Google use in the US that this article is about.

    • Sorry, but that’s false. I got an update to Carrier Services on 5/12 and RCS has been working ever since. Version installed presently matches the number in the article.

      Edit: Would be great if I could paste a screenshot, c’mon Lifehacker…

  • I did the final update on my Pixel XL v1 (Telstra network), didn’t enable anything on Google Messages, went into settings->chat features and it says connected. Not too excited about it because I don’t text much.

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