Aussie Broadband Has A Killer NBN 100 Deal Right Now

Aussie Broadband Has A Killer NBN 100 Deal Right Now
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Aussie Broadband is bringing back one of its best NBN deals, with contract-free, unlimited data plans starting at $69. As an added bonus, you can also get your first month free! Here are the details.

Aussie Broadband is consistently rated as one of the best NBN providers. The ACCC’s latest Measuring Broadband Australia program rated them #3 for peak hour speeds (behind TPG and Optus.) This means you can expect to hit the maximum advertised speed at least 85.3% of the time.

New customers can currently get their first month free. As previously mentioned, there’s no lock-in contract with these plans, which essentially means you can test out the service for free over a month. If it fails to meet expectations, you can then cancel without paying a cent. Hurrah!

To get the deal, use the discount code ‘TV1FREE’ or ‘FREE19’ at checkout. Here are the available plans. (Click on our interactive tables below to compare the full list of inclusions.)

NBN 25 / Casual Plan (500GB Data, $55 per month)

NBN 25 / Everyday Plan (Unlimited Data, $69 per month)

NBN 50 / Family Plan (Unlimited Data, $79 per month)

NBN 100 / Power User Plan (Unlimited Data, $99 per month)

The above plans are also available in Fixed Wireless iterations for the same price and with the same data inclusions. Remember – you can shave up to $99 off the price of a 12-month plan when you use one of the aforementioned codes. (And you can still cancel at any time – including after the free month, which means you pay nothing.)

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” excerpt=”When it comes to the NBN, we know that plans and providers are not all equal. Despite standard speed tiers, in-home performance can vary a lot, especially during the evening peak times.”]


  • Also as a side note, Aussie Broadband in my area were at max capacity for the node when I signed up (which is how they keep their speeds, by not going above 80% of their allocated bandwidth for an area), and I had to wait for 5-6 months before they were approved and allocated more bandwidth to connect more users.
    So best to call up first and confirm a time frame for connection.

  • Average deals. And remember that unless you won the NBN lottery and have FTTP the 100 speed is effectively unachievable. They’ll still take your money for it though.

    • As much as I’d love to have fiber everywhere, I’m living in my second home in the inner west of Sydney with NBN over HFC and during peak times with Aussie Broadband whenever I do a speed test, I get between 94-96 down and 39-41.5 up.

      • Those are good stats. I’d like those. But I’m in that majority of users that have been saddled with FTTN and hence won’t be able to get those speeds. At least until the copper’s replaced.

  • I don’t know if this is available to everyone, or just the lucky FTTP folks that phil mentioned. But Aussie also have 150mbps and 250mbps plans. Unfortunately the price jumps significantly from the $85/month 100mbps plans ($150/month for 500GB on NBN150 and $170/month on NBN250).

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