Classic Hacks: Make Non-Processed Macaroni And Cheese In A Coffee Mug

Classic Hacks: Make Non-Processed Macaroni And Cheese In A Coffee Mug

You can buy microwaveable macaroni and cheese packs if you’re a fan of powdered cheese filled with all kinds of preservatives. If you’re looking for a few bites of mac and cheese that uses actual cheese and milk you can get your fix using a coffee mug and a microwave.

Parenting blog Babble shares the technique: add half a cup of water and a third of a cup of pasta to a coffee mug and microwave on high for two minutes and stir. The water might overflow while heating – this is OK but use a larger container if you wish to avoid.

Repeat the two minutes on high and stir again; depending on your microwave the pasta may need one more two-minute trip to finish cooking. Between the pasta absorbing the water and it overflowing the mug you shouldn’t have more than a few drops left in the mug.

Stir in a quarter cup of milk and a half cup of shredded cheese and stir thoroughly. You’ve achieved a tastier, less-processed microwave mac and cheese that is also cheaper than the packaged cups.

Did you know you can also make chocolate cake and breakfast in a coffee mug?

Instant Mug o’ Mac & Cheese in the Microwave [Babble via 366 Days of Pinterest]

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