How To Get $1 Cheeseburgers From McDonald's Today

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September 18 is International Cheeseburger Day. (It says here.) To celebrate, McDonald's will be selling cheeseburgers for the princely sum of $1. Here are the details.

McDonald's $1 cheeseburger deal does exactly what it says on the tin: for a little under 24 hours, you can pick up a cheeseburger for one buck. The deal is only available on the MyMaca's app and is limited to one burger per customer. Boo-urns.

This deal isn't nearly as good as last year, when Macca's gave away 200,000 cheeseburgers for free. In fact, you can already get a $1 hamburger from McDonald's which is identical sans the cheese.

Still, if you require a $1 snack to get you through the day, McDonald's cheeseburger is a damn tasty option. (Seriously though - don't be such a tight-arse, Ronald.)

How to get your $1 cheeseburger

To get the deal, simply download the MyMacca's app (if you haven't already) and look for the deal in the My Rewards section. Click here!

Incidentally, if you're keen to score more than one burger, simply uninstall the app and rejoin - a fresh My Rewards bonus should be waiting for you. (You'll still need to buy the burgers in separate transactions but simply scarf the first one while you're waiting.)

You Are Allowed To Eat One Cheeseburger On Cheeseburger Day

September 18 is National Cheeseburger Day. That's right; the humble cheese slice and beef patty encased in a bun has its own food holiday. Even if you're on a strict diet, you need to partake in one cheeseburger today. It's the law.

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