Windows 10 Updates Have Jumped The Shark

It’s happened again. Windows 10’s September update, designed to remedy a crippling bug in the previous update, is causing more problems than it’s fixing. Cheers for that, Microsoft.

Here are the functions that are currently affected.

While it’s always fun to whinge, we’re ready to go back to a time when problem-riddled Windows 10 updates weren’t the norm already. Unfortunately for us, that time seems a distant reality.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Microsoft Admits To Crippling Windows 10 Bug (But A Fix Is Coming)” excerpt=”Microsoft launched a new Windows 10 update on August 30 but users soon spotted a major bug causing Cortana to chew up a huge chunk of their CPU’s power. Microsoft has acknowledge the error and is working to remedy it. Here’s what you need to know.”]

The new update, Windows 10 version 1903 or KB4515384, was introduced to Windows to fix issues in the previous build, KB4512941, regarding Cortana chewing up a sizeable amount of a device’s CPU. While the update reportedly fixes the Cortana bug, it’s allegedly broken other functions of Windows 10.

Users are reporting the Start Menu and search function are broken, while some have also pointed to broken functionality with the Action Center and calendar feature.

“This update has practically bricked my main computer. It operates extremely slowly, all of the things mentioned in his thread apply (broken Action Center, no response to many clicks), nothing can connect to the internet – email, browsers, etc. all time out,” one user complained in a Microsoft thread.

Microsoft has admitted on the update site it began investigating the issue on 13 September and will provide an update once more information is available.

How do I fix this update purgatory I’m now in?

The best thing to do when new updates cook your system even further than the previous model is to revert back to the most recent, stable option. To do that, open up Settings (WIN + I), select Update & Security, hit View update history, hit Uninstall updates and select KB4515384 to trash it. The thing is, the previous update, KB4512941, also had a crippling bug so you might want to go ahead and can that one too.

Uninstalling updates always comes with a security concern so it’s best to check the Windows site to ensure you’re not rolling back any important security patche as well as backing everything up before re-updating. If you’re all sorted in those departments, you’ve just gotta sit tight and wait until Windows solves this new bug too.

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