Microsoft Windows 10 Is About To Change Passwords Forever

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Microsoft has only recently updated the Windows OS with the May release, titled Version 1903, but already its 2020 version is in the works and it promises some interesting new features - including a seriously big change to how passwords work.

Codenamed 20H1, the upcoming update build promises to give you the option to go password-less. Instead of the usual password, you will be able to enable access to your laptop using facial recognition (via Windows Hello Face), your fingerprint or a PIN.

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According to a blog post on the Windows Insider Program, "enabling password-less sign in will switch all Microsoft accounts on your Windows 10 device to modern authentication" meaning no more of your dodgy 'password123's.

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Some other interesting features you can look forward to are the inclusion of the phone screen feature support for more PCs like the Surface devices (laptops and Pros) as well as introducing the ability to create events through Windows desktop calendar feature.

But, before 20H1 is unleashed on the world, Windows will release the second update for 2019 in September, codenamed 19H2. The word on this update's upcoming features is still under lock and key but it looks as if "third-part digital assistants" like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant will be given access to unlock Windows 10 devices, according to Windows' latest blog post.

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While the updates sound great, we just hope our Windows devices can handle the extra features unlike others who seem to be facing issues.

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    "Instead of the usual password, you will be able to enable access to your laptop using facial recognition (via Windows Hello Face), your fingerprint or a PIN"

    This isnt a new feature, I already use an inbuilt fingerprint / pin combo on my W10 Lenovo ThinkPad.

      Pretty sure you have been able to use fingerprints / Facial recognition since vista.

        I could be wrong but i do remember some vista laptops having fingerprint sensors and facial recognition.

          A friend at uni definitely had fingerprint on his laptop (2003ish!). Although not sure if that was ingrained into windows or just a manufacturer add-on

        I had an Asus Laptop (still have it) that had fingerprint recognition back in Windows Vista times. I suspect though that the fingerprint recognition was an Asus app since it no longer worked after upgrading to Win7/8/10.

    Sorry, but this will not remove the need for passwords. O.k. I have logged on, now how to I switch to a higher privileged account? Or change to a different user on the same machine. Passwords will always be here. You have to be a fool to believe that they will disappear overnight.

      But the great thing now is that you will use that password so infrequently that you will have a much harder time remembering it when you need to reset it because some random database got hacked.

      Multiple login methods are recommended. After all what happens if you injure yourself and fingerprint/face recognition doesn't work?

      As for switching to a higher privileged account, I don't see why you couldn't have multiple accounts using the same biometrics. You just need to select the right account. It'd only be an issue if there was only one account able to use a particular fingerprint/faceprint.

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