Just Make Your Own Pumpkin Spiced Coffee

Just Make Your Own Pumpkin Spiced Coffee
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The first time I tried to make a pumpkin spice-flavored coffee at home, I was 23, and not yet skilled in the ways of food and beverage. I made the coffee, added cream and sugar, and stirred in a tiny spoonful of pumpkin spice powder. The spice floated to the top, where it provided an unpleasant, gritty texture and not much flavour. To make a coffee beverage that is infused with pumpkin spice flavour, you need to mix the spices into your ground coffee before you brew it.

Just grab your favourite pumpkin spice blend — I like Trader Joe’s, but you can make your own — and either mix it in with pre-ground coffee or grind it up with whole beans. Brew as usual.

Exactly how much you want to add is up to you, but I’ve found a ratio of 3/4 of a teaspoon of spice mix for every two cups of brewed coffee adds a gentle hint of autumnal flavour that doesn’t overpower the entire cup. Doctor with sugar and milk (or sweetened condensed milk) as you see fit, and enjoy.

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