Deal: Try Out Three Months Of FibreMax Advance NBN For Free

Deal: Try Out Three Months Of FibreMax Advance NBN For Free
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FibreMax is the latest NBN provider to land in Australia and it’s offering a killer deal to entice new customers. For a limited time, you can get a free three-month trial of its $89 Advance NBN 50 plan.

But here’s the interesting bit: there’s no lock-in contract and you don’t even need to hand over a credit card. Here are the details.

‘Free’ NBN trials are nothing new – it’s one of the most common tricks used by telcos to lock customers into lengthy contracts. However, this offer from new-kid-on-the-block FibreMax is a little different.

As mentioned, there’s no obligation to continue your membership once the trial ends. In fact, FibreMax will automatically terminate your connection after three months, which is practically unheard of.

Here’s the official pitch from the company:

We are inviting you to become a FibreMax HERO. As a FibreMax HERO you will have access to our unlimited Advance NBN 50 plan. Our Advance NBN 50 plan is for small to medium businesses or power home users that are looking for constant faster downloads.

This is an absolutely free and no obligation offer. You don’t even have to provide your bank details.

Enjoy this advanced service for 3 months. After this period the service will automatically terminate, no questions asked. You will be given the option to continue with the service, but you are under no obligation.

So what’s the catch? FibreMax reserves the right to “record” your user experience, but that’s to be expected.
The whole point of the trial is for FibreMax to test its NBN service.

Note that you might also be required to use your home internet daily (which most of us do already) and provide weekly feedback about the experience.

While the above sounds fine, we’re a bit leery of FibreMax’s bare-bones product page – we couldn’t see any T&Cs and the site makes no mention of average evening speeds. So maybe proceed with a modicum of caution.

As you’d expect, spots are limited so we advise signing up sooner rather than later if you’re keen to test the service. FibreMax also reserves the right to cancel the trial after giving 30 days notice.

After the trial ends, FibreMax’s Advance NBN 50 plan will set customers back $89 per month. Here’s how that compares to other NBN 50 offerings from rival telcos:

You can sign up to FibreMax’s three-month NBN trial here.

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