Six Deals You Need To Know About In Australia Today

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G'day! Here are some cracking online deals for Lifehacker readers, including: Up to 30% off Oppo smartphones, half-price groceries at Coles, massive discounts on food blenders, 60% off Havaianas and more!

1. Cheap Oppo phones: Oppo has discounted a range of smartphones via its eBay store. Available models include the R17 Pro, Find X and Reno. You can also score up to 65% off a bunch of accessories. Click here!

2. 60% off Havaianas: With the winter chill beginning to thaw it will soon be thong weather again. (No, not those thongs - we're talking about the footwear also known as flip-flops.) As luck would have it, Catch is having a Havaianas sale, with up to 60% off new and classic styles! Click here.

3. Half-price groceries at Coles: Oz Bargain Samwise Gamgee has put together a big list of half-price specials from Coles. There are over 70 items in total, with some up to 70% off. Click here!

4. $2 ebooks: Amazon Australia is having another Kindle ebook sale with 80 bestselling titles going for $2 each. Available genres include Science Fiction/Fantasy, Mysteries/Thrillers and Romance. Click here!

5. Massive discounts on Polycool blenders: eBay has knocked $180 off the Polycool 2-litre Commercial Blender - down from $279 to to $99! If that's not cheap enough, you can nab an extra 20% off with the code 'POSTIE', bringing the total to $79.20.

6. Samsung Galaxy Book: AllPhones is selling the 128GB Samsung Galaxy Book (Wifi + 4G model) for $1246.96 - a not insubstantial saving of $624, or 33% off. The catch is that the boxes have been opened, but the products are all as new. Click here!

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    Some seriously good deals here. But what of the Coles 1/2 price farce.

    The list details products which were selected by Coles to go on half price regularly. The real price (correct price) is the half price, whilst the non-special price is double what it should be. An absolute brilliant trick played out by Coles and the customers who fall for it.

    We can use Aldi as a benchmark from the Coles list:
    Premium Ice cream, Coles $4.50 , Aldi $4.40
    Chicken Breast Tenders 400g Coles $3.97 , Aldi $3.50
    Check any thing off the Coles list, it's all the same story.

    Maybe Life Hacker can have a close look? The ACCC should have done so some time ago.

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