PlayStation 5 Leak: PC Gaming Could Have A New Rival

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While many of us own both a console and a PC, there are many who stand firmly behind the PC for all gaming activities because of superior graphics. I personally enjoy consoles being the great equaliser for those who can't afford to keep up with the latest tech but again, achieving peak graphics isn't really my priority. But a new leak suggests the PlayStation 5 might be about to change all that.

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The PlayStation 5 is speculated to be a graphics-processing beast, according to known Twitter leaker, Komachi_Ensaka.

The graphics-processing unit (GPU) is expected to clock out at 2GHz, double that of the PS4 Pro, and allegedly approaching the power of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, according to another gamer on Twitter, IsAParrot.

The RTX 2080 Ti is a high-powered GPU many gaming users opt for due to its high performance but it retails for more than a grand. The main takeaway, as IsAParrot puts it, is it's "very powerful."

This means while PlayStation consoles have largely lagged behind the power of PC graphics for years, this might be about to change when the next-gen console arrives in November 2020.

It goes without saying that the above tweets need to be taken with a massive chunk of salt - we have no way of knowing where the leaks came from or whether they are remotely legitimate. With that said, official statements from Sony do hint at something extremely powerful.

Earlier this year, Sony revealed the performance between the PS4 Pro and the upcoming next-gen console (AKA the PS5):

It described it would be "immersive" and "seamless".

"The experience created by dramatically increased graphics rendering speeds, achieved through the employment of further improved computational power and a customized ultra-fast, broadband SSD," Sony said in May.

Let's hope this leak is accurate because we'll finally be getting the incredible graphics PCs manage to achieve with gaming for (hopefully) a fraction of the price. Fingers crossed!

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    So it's pushing RTX 2080 ti levels of power.

    But its not releasing until next year at the earliest.

    Considering the RTX 2080 ti was released in September 2018, theres a good chance that the top PC graphics will move ahead again before this even comes out. 2 years is a long time in pc hardware terms.

    Also, if the console is that powerful, that just makes more concerned about the cost of it.

      If PS5 can do 60fps at 4K with raytracing (assuming it can), how much better can a PC get for it to be worth the extra investment? It's a question that has been asked every generation and PCs until now have always found a way to be better, but I think we're now getting to a point - graphicswise at least - where the PC advantage becomes negligible.
      It might now just be a preference between chair vs. couch and mouse+keyboard vs. controller.

        You know you can hook your PC up to a TV right? Plus nearly all proper PC gamers have a control pad or two, it's fine to have a preference but stupid argument is stupid.

          Wow. Fuck you too.

            Your argument is stupid though with that point.

            You have both been able to connect a pc to a tv both direct and via Steam in-home streaming for ages. And you have been able to connect a controller for even longer.

            Those points are nonsensical.

              My question was clearly about graphics performance, but maybe I should ask it again in isolation:
              If PS5 can do 60fps at 4K with raytracing (assuming it can), how much better can a PC get for it to be worth the extra investment?

                It might now just be a preference between chair vs. couch and mouse+keyboard vs. controller.

                Your argument is stupid though with that point.

                Those points are nonsensical.

          I think his point has some merit - if the PS5 delivers performance similar to high end PCs, at a lower price point (forget the costs of monitors/TVs and peripherals etc, let's just look at the rigs themselves), then it's harder to stomach the cost of paying for high end PC hardware unless you have a specific reason to do so (e.g. PC specific games, mods, etc). It's especially pertinent given the diminishing returns of higher end hardware these days - we haven't had a major leap forward until the RTX cards and even now developers don't seem to know what to do with it (let alone the average gamer being able to afford a card good enough to use it to its full potential). I mean if the PS5 at these assumed capabilities even released at the cost of the lower end of high end GPUs (a reasonable prospect) it'd still be miles cheaper than a comparable PC.

          You know you can hook your PC up to a TV right?Done this, works okay, still usually have to have a keyboard/mouse to hand in case something goes wrong or the game demands KB/M input for some stupid reason (Bethesda, looking at you).

          Plus nearly all proper PC gamers have a control pad or two,What the fuck is a 'proper PC gamer'? This smacks of elitism, it's like saying you're not a proper PC gamer if you use a gamepad at all.

            What the fuck is a 'proper PC gamer'? This smacks of elitism, it's like saying you're not a proper PC gamer if you use a gamepad at all.

            I was talking aim at all those PC Gamers who think PC Gamers don't/shouldn't use control pads.

            It's a baffling conmen attitude.

              Common not conmen, I would edit it but y'know this site and editing ...

    I expect there will be no rival for most games requiring the user to point and shoot. The PC mouse allows rather accurate shots, whist the tiny game console joy stick with just a centimetre of movement does not. That said the home PC is about to die anyway. Does that mean there will be not more accurate play, only augmented ?

    Isn't it normally the case that new consoles will rival high-end gaming rigs? This is not a surprise at all and doesn't really "Rival PC gaming" where the hardware keeps moving and if you want to consider it a "race", PCs will be ahead again within a year.
    I would be more surprised if the next gen consoles didn't rival high-end gaming PCs.

      They haven't for a long time - any high end PC has been able to comfortably beat consoles since the late 90s when GPUs became more commonplace. That value proposition changed slightly with the Xbox One X at higher resolutions, but high end PCs still hold the performance advantage. The problem is that to hold that lead you're looking at very expensive hardware. It's probably better to compare consoles to average hardware profiles (based on Steam stats) to assess how much better/worse they are against what most people actually game on.

    They say this every year before the start of a new console generation.

    Yet every year PC continues to be the more profitable gaming market.

    Looks the Twitter user said 2080 and not 2080Ti. Surprisingly, they actually have quite a substantial difference in specs.

    I don't give even half a shit about the graphics, but as long as the load times are as quick as Sony claim I will be more than happy.

    This is using AMD graphics hardware right? Considering the PS5 will be fairly locked down in hardware by now, or will be fairly soon, and the fact AMD can barely manage something to rival an RTX 2070 let alone a 2080Ti, then add in to consideration the console will have much tighter power and thermal limits than a desktop PC based card (and AMD are notoriously bad at being power/thermal efficient. Further add in the cost (consoles tend to sell at a loss or very low margin initially, but even so).

    I think a mountain of salt is required.

    "2ghz" is a completely useless stat without some context. Most Nvidia cards from 1060 through 1080ti can all clock above 2ghz, but that means nothing without knowing how many shader cores/ram/bus speed etc etc.

    To address a few other points I've seen in the comments. If this can achieve 4K 60fps then that is fantastic, consoles really need to get on board with 60fps. But a lot of PC gamers moved on to 144hz and beyond and have been there for quite some time. I know personally 60hz in a game to me looks like 30hz used to. PC has endless modding potential as well. Theres plenty of other areas a PC can still exceed a console than just the graphics, which it most certainly will still exceed consoles in (for a cost).

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