Make It Harder To Fall Down A YouTube ‘Rabbit Hole’ With This Extension

Watching videos on YouTube can be entertaining, but watching one video can quickly turn into watching 50 if you’re not careful. YouTube Rabbit Hole is an extension that can help.

As the name suggests, the extension reduces the ability for you to fall down the YouTube rabbit hole. How it does that is through hiding things like recommendations and comments.

What gets hidden is entirely up to you. The extension offers the ability to hide the homepage, sidebar, comments, and the trending/subscription pages. You can toggle each option on and off at will, so if you really want to read the comments on a particular video you can, you’ll just have to reload the page if you started watching with things blocked.

Obviously, extensions like this are only useful if you use them. Since you can unblock whatever you want it’s just as easy to fall down that hole if you want to. That said, if you tend to easily get distracted, it might be just the ticket for allowing you to watch what you want on YouTube without getting distracting by everything else in the process.


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