Transform YouTube Into A Distraction-Free Audio Player With This Extension

YouTube can be a great place to find music to listen to. Since it’s a video site; however, often that music comes with a video that can be distracting when you’re really just looking for some tunes. Music Mode is a Chrome Extension that can help.

Once enabled, the extension redirects you to a page that just plays the audio from a video, not the accompanying video as well. The page is also stripped down from the original, with no ads, video suggestions or comments. Essentially, it makes it look like that video was just an audio file to begin with.

Once you have the extension installed it redirects straight from a Google search. For instance, when I clicked on an Avett Brothers song from some Google search results, I was taken here instead of the standard video page.

For those times you actually want to see the accompanying video, you can toggle the extension off and watch like you normally would.

Unfortunately, it won’t automatically play the next song, so once that tune is over you’ll have to manually pick another one to keep listening. That can be great if you just wanted to listen to “Truth hurts” for a few minutes without falling down a rabbit hole, but not so great if you were looking for a soundtrack for your workday.

This is one of those things you’re definitely not going to want to use all the time, but for those times you want a really stripped down version of YouTube to just listen to a song or two it can be great to have.


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